Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Iron Guy's New Year's Resolution

This is the time of year when grownups like to make resolutions--you know, resolving that you'll do something better this year. Some people resolve to lose weight or exercise more or learn a new language. The Iron Guy has determined to finish a piece of unfinished business this year and wants to share it with all of you reader guys. This year I have decided


Sorry about that little outburst. I'm trying to stick to my resolution but some things are just so---horrible that even the strongest among will grow faint and whimper. But I'm the IRON GUY and will not flinch form this New Year's resolution. Therefore I will...


Get control of yourself, man. (sounds of Iron Guy slapping himself)

There, now I feel better. OK, here's my resolution and I hope I have the courage to stick it out:

I'm going to read Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

THERE!! I've said it. Now some of you are wondering, "What's the big deal? We read Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire and liked it." Well, if you remember The Great Harry Potter Controversy from last summer, you'll know that I'm not a big Harry Potter fan. I don't think HP is terrible, I just wasn't bowled over by those books like everyone else in the world. BUT--I read only the first three and felt that I wasn't being fair. (I'm surprised no one called me on that during the Controversy) So I decided to read the other four books and give the good Mr. Potter a fair shot.

BUT----this is what happened:

I started off reading HPGF like the MANLY MAN that I am.

But the plot was so sloooowwww and the book was so looonnnggg and nothing interesting happened and it started to crush my will to read. I tried to man up and keep going but---

---it eventually crushed me and I never finished.

So you see why I've had such a horror of trying to read it again. But this is a new year! And I've heard so many boys and grownups tell how great the HP books are that I've resolved to read this one and see if they're right. Are you with me, men?? Can I count on your support? You know what--I trust you guys enough to put my feet to the fire. I've put a survey box in the upper left-hand corner of the blog to give me time time frame for reading the book. (there's agood reason why I'd want to finsih before February 5. watch for it in a nother post)I'll keep it up there until next Friday and act on your votes. that will give me the inner fortitude (aren't you impressed by the big words I know?) to get through this long nignhtm...I mean, this long book.

OK, here I go!!!! Will HP vanquish the Iron Guy once again? Or will he overcome in true MANLY MAN fashion?


sarah said...

don't feel bad, iron guy! i've only read up through the 5th book, and i used to call myself a teen librarian! i didn't really enjoy the 4th book, and the 5th book was totally sub-par. i felt like fully half the book was done in caps lock. why would one want to subject oneself to all that rage and shouting? i won't think less of you at all if you don't finish the whole series.

elite vivek said...

actullay when I first started reading Harry Potter Goblet of fire I thoght the book would be good but after time the book got so boring that I had to skip pages to speed things up.

5guysnme said...

The pay-off when you get to Book 7 is TOTALLY worth it! I thought Book 5 was the hardest of all of them to read.... Don't give up! ACTUALLY, you should LISTEN to the audiobooks... they are PURE GENIUS! Truly!

Iron Guy Carl said...

Well, I've got it from both sides now. One guy said the books are great and another said # 4 was boring and had to skip pages. I found HP4 boring too but maybe I cold skip pages or at least skim through some. Would that be cheating? Or merely survival?

Ms. Yingling said...

Skip the whole Quidditch tournament. It's like The Fellowship of the Ring and they go up mountains forever! Skim what you must. I did like Order of the Phoenix best of all of them, so that might be motivation. Good luck!

Ife said...

It is okay iron man. You can do it! But to prove your self you MUST FINISH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

elite vivek said...

I would love skipping pages for HarryPotter and the Goblet of Fire.