Saturday, February 4, 2012

RIP John Christopher, the Iron Guy's Manly Struggle, and We Hear from an Old and New Friend

Here are a couple of random thoughts from the Iron Guy and two notices about great reads.

This week marks the passing of a truly terrific author, John Christopher. His most famous books are the Tripods trilogy, three very remarkable books that deal with a takeover of Earth by aliens and the attempts of young Will Parker and friends to overthrow them. Sound like a familiar story? Well, you've never read it like this! There's plenty of excitement and you won't forget the scenes of Will hiding in the stream while the Tripods look for him or of his life as a slave in the alien city. Check out my reviews of the books here, here and here. Do not waste any time!! Go out! Read them! Now!
(PS--there is a fourth Tripods book, a prequel called When the Tripods Came that I haven't read yet)

The Iron Guy has almost completed his epic task of finishing Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. It was indeed a struggle for a while, especially trying to plow through those middle chapters and realizing with weariness that there was 100 pages between the second and third tasks, but the Iron Guy MANFULLY persevered and has almost completed the last chapter, laughing to scorn all those who doubted him. Actually, it got a lot easier as the story got closer to that third task. In fact, I spent two-and-a-half hours on my day off glued to the story and turning pages as quickly as I could. J. K. Rowling is one powerful writer and knows how to hook you! But it may be a long time before I pick up another Harry Potter book. I'll tell you why when I have time for a longer post.

And finally, we have reviews from an old friend and a new one. The first is from our good friend Michael, who always sends in first-class reviews of cool-sounding books. Let's hear what he's read lately:

The Genius Files, book 2
Never Say Genius
by Dan Gutman
Coke and Pep McDonald are back in Dan Gutman's newest novel! Previously in The Genius Files, Coke and Pep found out that they are part of a super-secret organization called The Genius Files. Hundreds of kids around the world have been singled out as geniuses, and so have this brother and sister. Their parents must never know. In the last book, the McDonald's set out on a cross-country road trip to Washington, D.C. to attend Aunt Judy's wedding. On the way, they stopped at wierd but real places like the Pez dispenser museum, the SPAM museum, and other oddities. Along the way, their health teacher, two guys in bowler hats, and even the creator of the Genius Files tried to kill them. They narrowly escaped each time, knowing that they'd get a million dollars when they turned 21. Now, as their road trip continues, the health teacher and bowler hat dudes continue to chase them. They're especially mad that the twins killed the creator of the Genius Files, Dr. Warsaw. But coke and Pep have a new enemy: Archie Clone, another kid in the Genius Files. He's trying to kill them because he found out that the million dollars will be split between every genius kid... unless he kills them all. In this new book, the twins will be held up with a chocolate gun, frozen in ice cream, lowered into boiling oil, and dropped out of a helicopter. Will they survive? Find out for yourself in the best book Dan Gutman has ever written! Also check out book 1: Mission Unstoppable.

Michael Lanier

Pianist, guitarist, banjoist, autoharpist, jaw harpist

Thanks, Michael! A lot of guys like Dan Gutman's books and your review shows us why. Any book that has a stick-up up with chewing gum ought to be good. (Hey--STICK-up--gum--STICK-GUM--get it??!! hahahahaha!)

And now let's introduce our new friend, Fishboy. He likes a book that I am just nuts about. Take it away, Fishboy:

Hey, Iron Guy I really liked Milo Sticky Notes And Brain freeze! The story was funny but there was a couple emotional blows. Milo is a very realistic character. The cartoons in the book help tell the story with visual explanation of what's going on in scene of the book. This book is hard to beat! From Fishboy

Thanks, Fishboy! Milo was one of my very favorite books last year (see my review here) and it's one of those rare and unforgettable books that stays with you a long time. I'm really glad you liked it and I bet you guys would like it too. In fact, I personally think it's a whole lot better than the Diary of a Wimpy Kid books. There was even a Great Greg Heffley Debate last summer about which was better. And here's a picture of Fishboy and me, striking our manliest poses to celebrate my near-completion of The Goblet of Fire:

Don't forget--any guy who writes a review for the first time can come to the Myers Park library and choose a free book from our ultra-cool prize box!

There you have it guys! Two great reads recommended not by some boring old grownup but a reader guy like YOU! Go to your nearest library and find them. After all, they are--

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Jana said...

I loved the Tripod books! John Christopher was dystopian before dystopian was cool. He will be missed!