Friday, August 7, 2009

The Pool of Fire the third book in the Tripods series. The first two books rocked and so does this one. Young Will Parker, his cousin Henry, and his friend Beanpole gather with the rebels scattered around the world to finally overthrow the alien Masters who have taken over the whole Earth. The rebel scientists have rediscovered the science that was lost when the Masters took over, so now they have some technology to help their fight. But the fight is incredibly desperate--the Masters live in nearly-indestructible cities, have the powerful Tripods to fight in, and may not have any weaknesses. The rebel leaders do come up with a plan, but it's so incredibly difficult that it would be almost impossible. And it's up to Will and his friends to carry it out! Wow! You guys will really enjoy this story!! I did, for absolutely sure! The Pool of Fire by John Christopher. We have copies. So do the other libraries. Go get them. Really. Go get them. And if you want to see reviews of the first two books, click on the tab beneath this post.

BTW, there is one more book in this series. It's a prequel called When the Tripods Came.

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