Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Summer Reruns

Hey, all you reader guys out there, it's Carl with the Summer Reruns. There is where I recycle reviews of old favorites. It's summer, it's hot, we've been busy, and I haven't been able to finish anything new lately. So here are some links to old reviews. These are really good books that deserve more attention. Most of them are rather short and can be read quickly, which can be a good thing in these days before school. I'll start with the most recent reviews and go go the oldest. (btw, some of these posts refer to events going on at the time. Don't let that confuse you) Click on the title and see the full review.

How To Eat Fried Worms by Thomas Rockwell--a laugh-out-loud funny book. Especially good for summer.

The Last River by Stuart Waldman--What a great adventure! And it really happened!

The Jungle Books by Rudyard Kipling--a true oldie but goodie. These stories are about as far away from the Disney version as you can get! No custesy, cuddly animals here but real and savage nature. And the real Ka the Snake is one of the spookiest creatures you'll ever meet.

Being Teddy Roosevelt by claudia Mills and Stone Fox by John Gardiner--Good quick reads. The first one talks about the power of reading to change your life and the second is a terrific adventure story.

Call It Courage by Armstrong Sperry and Black Whiteness by Robert Burleigh--call me sentimental but these are the first reviews we did. And these are still two of the best books I've ever read. Unforgettable survival stories!

Hey, Bill and Zack, do you have any old favorites you'd like to tell them about?



Miss Mary Mack said...

Sounds cool..... so do the books

Carl said...

Thanks, Miss Mary Mack. Do you really dress in black?