Tuesday, August 25, 2009

it's fun to say "farts"

Hello guys in blogville, Master Jedi Zack here with a book that has the word "fart" in the title. I think everyone would agree that the word "fart" is just way too much fun to say. So everyone say it with me... FART!

Okay, there is actually a book I want to talk about here and it is called Bubble Homes and Fish Farts which is a super cool non-fiction book about things that live in and around the water. The book talks about all sorts of animals that use bubbles in really cool and interesting ways. And you probably guessed, it even talks about fish farts, and that just makes me smile.


Miss Mary Mack said...

This book sounds good but you did not give me a lot of information all you really invisised about FARTS

DanceChic911 said...

Wow! I never thought fish could fart!!

Fishy101 said...

I did not know that fish can fart!!!! This book sounds really intresting. If I do not read it soon I will check it out from my libray, or the UNC library.

Are you going to read this book?


Farting Fish said...

This is problably goning to be the best book ever! The first book about with farting fish facts! YAY!!!!

Farting Fish

batboy#1 said...

I than this is going to be a good book.this is one of the books that would like to read because i never read about a fish fartind and it is funny say fart you are right.

Master Jedi Zack said...

Wow, I think people might just be interested in this book. Fishy 101, I have read the book and loved it. I learned a lot about different water animals that I never knew. You should check it out, it is an interesting and fun read.