Tuesday, August 18, 2009

the Master Jedi's Summer

Hey Guys, Master Jedi Zack here once again.

Just like THE CARLMAN, I have been crazy busy this summer (not to be confused with just plain CRAZY like Darth Bill) and so I didn't post about as many books I would normally. I did help lots of guys who came into my library find great books, does that count?!

Awhile back, I talked about the first book in the Something Wickedly Weird series called The Wooden Mile. I have recommended this book to just about every guy who comes into my library and they all love it. If you haven't read it yet you really should go pick it up, 'cause it is awesome! They are also good quick reads just like THE CARLMAN talked about in his last post.

Now the library has books 2 (The Icy Hand) and 3 (The Silver Casket) of the series. If that isn't enough for you book 4 (The Darkling Curse) is on its way as well. I haven't yet read past book 1, so I guess I have a project for the fall once all you guys are back in school and my library gets all quiet and boring once again.


Lenore said...

Hello! You've been nominated for a BBAW award. Please contact lenoreva at hotmail dot com within 48 hrs for further instructions. thanks!

Jakob Black said...

this book looks a little bit scary to me, I do not think I would like it. I like more Non-fiction books.

Do you think it will be good?

Jakob Black

Gaara of the funk said...

Have you ever been Rick Rolled? It's a really good way to end the summer.

Shikamaru Nara

Miss Mary Mack said...

The promblem is you did not tell me about the book at all you just said there are two books in the libray nothing about what the book is about so......