Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Superheros and Swords - Too Cool!!!

Hello once again all residences of The Land of Blog. Tis I the Mightist and Most Mad Skilled Ninja Sith in this gallexy....Darth Bill. Anyone who knows me knows that I love Comics/Graphic Novels and Ancient Weapons. So I am especially excited about this post and telling you about my latest reads. Well let's get things rolling shall we? First up - The Fantastic Four:

Marvel Adventures Fantastic Four: Four-Three-Two-One by Paul Tobin, Denise Medri, Vinenc Villagrasa and Pete Perez - Wow!!! I have read a bunch of Marvel Adventures Fantastic Four but this I would have to say is the best so far. This volume collects Marvel Adventures Fantastic Four 45-48. The storytelling is tight and the artwork simply awesome. The first story is more along the lines of comedy with a villain named Mordecai Midas, with the help of Madam Masque, trying to trick the Fantastic Four into letting him join the team. My favorite story in the collection is called "Moving Day" and features no other than Galactus "The Devourer of Worlds." This story is set at the end of time with the birth of a new Universe on the horizon. Galactus must be the only living thing to move from this Universe to the next, but meets resistance in "The Black End" composed of Annihilus, the Kree Supreme Intelligence, one of Galactus' former heralds Air-Walker, and others. He summons the FF to the end of time for help against these foes or does he? This story has a twist ending that I just thought was great!!! For the other two great stories, check this GN out and I promise you will not be disappointed.

Speaking of comics, there is one that I picked up recently at Heroes Arn't Hard To Find that I would like to give a shout out about. It's called G-Man: Cape Crisis by Chris Giarrusso. This is a very funny and entertaining comic to read, so if you get the chance and have the money think about picking it up.

Issue 1 of 5

Now it's time to talk about some really cool weapons from the past:

Swords: An Artist's Devotion written and illustrated by Ben Boos - Some of you may not know this, but I have a large collection of swords and ancient weapons. Well one of my co-workers who knows of my love for ancient weapons gave me this really cool book to checkout and read and man it really was something else. I really cannot tell you the number of swords from different times this book talks about and shows examples. Swords and weapons from their earliest apperance and from different cultures are discussed and shown and leave you wanting to know even more. Some of my favorite chapters in the book concerned swords associated with the Landsknechts (famed mercenaries of ancient Europe), the Samurai and Ninja of ancient Japan and Warriors of ancient China; but really all the cultures and people discussed and the swords they used really got me pumped up. I really enjoyed this book and highly recommend you take a look at it if ancient weapons and swords interest you. Most Excellent Indeed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here are some pictures I found concerning some of the people and weapons found in Swords: An Artist's Devotion >

Early 16th century Landsknechts fencing!!!!

Samurai of Ancient Japan!!!

Warrior of ancient China!!!

Finally their was a comment on the August 12, 2009 Post "Captain America and Bone"by No Name: "Captain America is waaayyy better than Bone. Captain A has that shield and Bone has nothing."

Well a picture is worth a million words and as much as I love Cap the truth must be revealed:

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