Monday, August 10, 2009

Star Wars Camp Grand Finale!

And what a GRAND finale it was! We all had a great time! A movie, a very interesting speaker, and a light saber duel. What more could you want?

This was, of course, the final Star Wars camp of the summer. Master Jedi Zack held two of them in Matthews and Darth Bill and the CARLMAN each held one at Imaginon. We decided to combine the two camps for the last session here at Imaginon. That meant danger, naturally, when a sith and a jedi get together. Here is the result:

So in the interest of keeping peace and bringing balance to the Force, Darth Bill, Master Jedi Zack, and I will read Frankie Pickle and the Closet of Doom together and write a post about it. It seems like a fun book that we'd all enjoy. I hope so. I'd hate for another sith-jedi war to break out.
After that, Professor Northcott from UNCC delivered a fascinating lecture on the stages of The Hero's Journey and how Luke Skywalker fit into them. And she wasn't some old fuddy-duddy professor either--she's been a life-long comics and sci-fi fan as well as having been at Dragon Con for 5 years! PLUS, she saw Star Wars Episode IV twenty-three times in the theatres! She knows what she's talking about! Then we had snacks and watched a Clone Wars animated movie.

General Grievous

Excuse me Carlman, while I did have a fun time watching the "Star Wars: The Clone Wars," I feel the movie was made by Jedi sympathizers. I mean come on, the Jedi come out victorious almost throughout the whole movie, which we know is just ridiculous. But they did get it right at the end of the movie when General Grievous all by his lonesome kicks about 4 to 5 Jedi rear ends (Yea baby, that's reality!!!!!!). But seriously, I had a ton of fun this summer with these programs and hope all you out there in "The Land of Blog" who attend the programs had a good time to. I also really want to thank the terrific speakers we had at the programs. May the Force be with you all,

Darth Bill

(P.S. The book looks interesting and I do like pickles!!!!)

(P.S.S. Bill Rules, Zack Drools!!!!!)

Master Jedi Zack's turn now! The camps were a blast. Of course the Jedi won out throughout the movie, us Jedi may appear to be beaten at times, but we always come back to save the day. Thanks CARLMAN (and I guess Darth Bill) for hav
ing me over to ImaginOn for the program. The camps held here at Matthews were a lot of fun, and now there is a whole group of young Jedi to keep an eye on that Sithhead Bill!

Here are a few pictures from the final camp.

Professor Northcott talks about Luke Skywalker!

The CARLMAN tries to use the Force to recharge a battery (didn't work)

Darth Bill plots another dastardly Sith plot

As you can see, a good time was had by all, Jedi and Sith alike. We were glad we could all be there togetherwith the guys. Watch for our joint post on the Frankie Pickle book!


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