Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The CARLMAN Admits a Mistake

Yes, the Great and Powerful CARLMAN must admit it---a mistake was made! I freely tell everyone that I read too quickly and saw The Giver instead of the The Wish Giver. But all who are wise know they often make mistakes--but they can also learn from their mistakes! In fact, this experience has only made me wiser and more powerful:Here you see me, holding what looks like a suitcase but is really a book, the source of my incredible powers.

And now let me say--YAY PANTHERS!! YAY PANTHERS!!!

The Carolina Panthers played probably the best game of the season as they beat the Tampa Bay Bucaneers on national TV last night. Oh, yeah! UH-HUH!! Could we be SUPER BOWL BOUND???

Speaking of Panthers, let me tell you about one of my favorite books, The Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling (one of the main characters is Bhageera the Panther). It's the story of Mowgli, the boy left in the jungle, raised by wolves, trying to survive and live by The Law of the Jungle. That law is harsh but fair. Every animal has its place, a right to live, and a right to hunt. But that law, even if it's fair, is also harsh.The right to hunt also means the right to be hunted and the smallest mistake could mean death. Once again, this is not some cutesy animal story but "nature red in tooth and claw." This is really good, exciting guy stuff. (BTW, some editions of this book have only the Mowgli stories; others have have more. Rudyard Kidling inserted non-Mowgli stories in the Jungle Book and all of them are good. Some editions have all the stories and some have only the Mowgli stories. Any one you get would be good)

And speaking of guy stuff, we have another comment from Ms. Yingling, that cool middle-school librarian who wrote to us yesterday.
I'll let my students know about my Honorary Guyhood. As long as I don't have to burp the alphabet or wield a light saber, I think I will not disappoint you.
Well, we are so glad that you like being an Honorary Guy and our blog and will spread the word about us. Say---CAN any of you guys burp the alphabet??? Or wield a light saber??? Come down to Imaginon and let me video you!! I'll put it on the blog!!!! (But call me first at 704-973-2720 so I'll be ready!!!)

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