Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Mail Call

Hello all, Master Jedi Zack here for one last 2008 post. One great way to end the year is to get a really nice piece of mail!

Ms Yingling, from Ohio, reports that the boys in her library are fans of the blog (always nice to hear!). On top of that she has challenged them to step up to our challenge of burping the alphabet, hopefully we will see some.

It doesn't end there! Ms. Yingling also sent us a comic book and thought we should challenge our readers to make comic book style posters featuring the Boys Rule! team as super heroes. Now, I would never ask somebody to do that of me, I'm sure Darth Bill might do it. But I wouldn't say no if someone wanted to take up Ms. Yingling's challenge.

Thank you for a wonderful letter and the comic! I hope you have a wonderful New Year and keep tuning in, I'm sure Darth Bill and I will have plenty more banter for you to enjoy.

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