Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Darth Bill Burps The Alphabet!!

Darth Bill has heard our challenge and answered it! Yes, right before your very eyes, DARTH BILL WILL BURP THE ALPHABET!!!!

Now THAT'S talent!!! I bet he's been saving up all year for that!! Do any of you think you can do that?? Then call Zack at 704-416-5000 or Bill or me at 704-973-2720 and set up a time. See the post beneath this one to see what prizes you could get--as well as immortal fame as a Burping Master!!



Anonymous said...

Sad sigh! This IS such a guy thing!
(Thank goodness!) Heaven knows I love the man, but this ISN'T one of the reason he has endeared himself to me. I'm sure the boys will enjoy this on the blog. I'm still waiting for the fight/duel that Bill keeps saying is on film that is being readied for the blog. You don't have to post this comment. I sign myself as Anonymous because I don't know how to do anything else. A tech person I'm not!
Bill's better half (Valerie)in so many ways!!! I'm not a fru fru girly type girl; I HATE pink, but I'm so NOT a Sith!

Cyber Kid 303 said...

"Don't Kill Santa!" is the best book ever!(except Bone by Jeff Smith). Set in the North Carolina mountains, these funny and also true stories about Donald Davis (the author) are great winter tales set in the 1940s. It is a collection of short stories. One time the boys' presents get repossed. It is funny. Since it is nonfiction, the call number is J813.54.