Monday, December 1, 2008

The CARLMAN Sends His Appreciation

There is no need to fear, Master Jedi Zack, the Great and Powerful CARLMAN appreciates all advice (and encourages everyone to do the right thing). Just as his amazing pwoer comes from reading, so does his wisdom. ("Without wisdom, power nothing is", as Yoda would say) Those who are truly wise know that they have much to learn and are glad of advice.
Here you see me at the Seat of Wisdom, thinking over all the possiblities.
But I am aware of the dangers of a truce with a sith--the CARLMAN was not born yesterday!! Do not forget that I was present when that one basely attacked the innocent Jedi. But in the interest of bringing balance to the Force and, more importantly, finding terrific books for boys, I am willing to take the chance.
Besides, I wanna find out about Gregor the Ovelander!!!!!

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