Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Why Haven't We Written About One False Note Yet? Or Beedle the Bard?

First of all, let me give a shout-out to Darth Bill. He was good enough yesterday to point out a mistake I made. Your real friends will tell you when you goof up. On top of that he was good enough to give me a compliment a few days ago on my reciting the Gettysburg Address--and you know how hard it is for a sith to give a compliment. AND he put in a picture that same day of me in my true form and said that the CARLMAN is not an Odin rip-off!! Two compliments in one post!!! Quite an accomplishment for a sith! Thanks, Bill!

However, as to his ridiculous assertion that the Great and Powerful CARLMAN is afraid of a mere rooster, even one that calls itself The Red Rooster of Death, well, that's just too silly for words...


What was that??

Was that a......


Ummmm--gotta go!!!

Wait a minute, Bill would never let me run away from a rooster. I'll stand up bravely it gone??? Good!!!

Some of you may have wondered why we haven't written anything about One False Note, the latest 39 Clues book. Well, it's simple--it takes the library takes a long time to get new books and then it takes time to get them on the shelves. So I'll just sit patiently and wait. I'm still waiting to write about a book that came out the first of November. But if I really get impatient, I can write to She Who Orders Books For The Library and ask to hurry things along. I did that for The Battle of the Labyrinth. Same thing for Beedle the Bard, the newest form J. K. Rowling. To tell the absolute truth, I haven't read all the HP books. Yes, that may shock some of you, but I read the first 3 and just never got around to finishing them. Maybe I'll make that a project for next year. What about you, Darth Bill? Or you, Master Jedi Zack? Are you planning to read this one soon? In the meantime, some guys at the Guys Read blog have written about both of them. Take a look.

The Great and Powerful (COCK-A-DOODLE-DOOOO!!!), I mean, the plain and simple


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cyber kid 303 said...

I am reading One False Note and it is really good. If you are a Janus at you will especially love it. It zooms in on the Janus branch. I've only got 41 more pages to go. I'll write a full report when I'm done.