Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Jedi = Shmedi, Capt'n Eli Volume 2 and other Silly Stuff

Hello all, it is I again Darth Bill. I see that I have been publicly bashed by the so called Jedi "Master" Zack!!!! I just want to point out that I am taking the high road in regards to his comments about myself and my fellow Sith. I could say something like - Jedi rarely read any book that has multiple syllable words in them or Jedi only like to read really long books with lots of arguing and lots of camping or even Jedi are just plain stinky. But I am above doing such, so I will not (classy of moi, no?). Sigh, why does "Master" Jedi Zack feel the need to attack me publicly. I guess he is just jealous that I am better looking, but as I said I won't go there for it is below my Sith Honor. One last note about Sith's love of reading. I bet many of you have at times wondered where we got the name for this blog. Well just look at the poster I recently found that was around before we even started this blog:

Amazing isn't it!!!!!!!!!

Okay enough of the Jedi slamming (it's just too easy), here are some really cool books and Graphic Novels I have read lately:

The Undersea Adventures of Capt'n Eli: The Mystery of the Sargasso Sea (Volume 2) by Joe Piscopo - Man with this volume the Capt'n Eli Graphic Novel Series hits another gear and really takes off!!!!! As it was left off in the previous volume Capt'n Eli is still with Commander X aboard his super high tech submarine "Sub Zero." They reach the underwater city of Aquaria only to find it under attack by a race of underwater denizens known as the Outcast. It seems Aquira and it's people are now ruled by Commander X's former World War II partner, known then as The Sea Raider. We also find out that Commander X is Aqurian's sworn Lord Protector and it is his duty to protect them from all threats and enemies. Let's see what else happens in this story, we learn the history of Aquaria and its relationship to Atlantis, we learn the secret origin of the ruler of the Aquarians known by many names such as - Rex Noble, The Sea Raider and The Sea Ghost among others, Lord Hydro is back with all his evilness and Hydrons and much. much more!!!!!!!!!! I promise you if you pick up this Graphic Novel you will be unable to put it down until you have finished reading it and then you will still be wanting more. Look for it in the PLCMC System soon!!!!!!!!!

Also check out these cool video about the Capt'n Eli Graphic Novel Series:

Hulk: The Incredible Guide (Updated Edition) by Tom DeFalco and Mattew Manning - This book is just too cool!!!!! It has the answers to everything you may have wondered about the Incredible Hulk and more stuff you probably did not even have a clue about. This book covers everything Hulk from his creation in the 60s to present day. Along with all the facts about the Hulk, his friends, his enemies, his history, etc., it is loaded with incredible artwork by the various artist that have told his tale from his first appearance to his latest. This really is a must read for true fans of old Greenskin (and other colors to as you will find out if you check this great book of knowledge out).

Marvel Adventures Fantastic Four: Monsters, Moles, Cowboys & Coupons written by Steve Niles, Daniel Way, Kristen Sinclair and Joe Lansdale; art by Leonard Kirk, Steve Scott, David Hahn & Ronan Cliquet - Wow!!!!!!! I really think this is my favorite Marvel Adventures Fantastic Four so far. This volume has it all!!! From a good old slug feast with the Incredible Hulk, to a rough and tough western staring the Ever-Loving-Blue Eyed Thing, along with a comedic shopping story and a soul searching story that asks why does the FF do what they do. Highly recommended!!!!!!!

Well until next time True Believers,


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Joe said...

Hi guys! Just a quick note to say that The Undersea Adventures of Capt'n Eli #2 is by Jay Piscopo, not Joe Piscopo. It should also be noted that Jay is way funnier than Joe ;)

Joe Z