Sunday, December 28, 2008

Capt'n Eli News, Graveyards, Avengers and other Fun Stuff!!!!

Hello all my friends out there in the Land of Blog!!!!!! It is I once again the not so evil, not even all that mean Darth Bill!!!!!!!!! I guess all of you out there saw the photographs of me dressed as a baby that the not so nice Jedi Master Zack posted. I just wanted to clarify for everyone out there that I was dressed this way to raise money for puppies and cats in need of good glamor shots. Here are a couple of pictures of some of the puppies and kitties that now have promising futures in dog and cat fashion magazines such as It's A Dog's Life, Chasing My Tail and Loving It, I Will Pee on The Rug If You Make Me Mad, Pet Me Now or I Will Claw You, etc. all thanks to Me embarrassing myself for charity (Shame on you Jedi Master Zack):

' m just sorry that the evil Jedi Master Zack saw this as an opportunity to try an embarrass me. Don't you want little kitty cats and puppies to have good futures and jobs Jedi Master Zack? Arn't Jedi supposed to be good and noble? I just don't understand

Man, I am so excited about what I am about to share next I can hardly stand it. Check out this video first from our friends from
The Undersea Adventures of Capt'n Eli:

I thought this video was just to cool (I also ordered my own personal Commander X and can't wait to get him and the comic he comes with, Oh Yea!!!!!!!!!!) and wanted to share it with everyone. I also have some more exciting Capt'n Eli news that I really should share with you now, but am going to make you wait until January before I make the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!!!!!!!! Until then if you have not read Volumes 1 & 2 of this great Graphic Novel Series, what are you waiting for?????????????? To see my reviews of these books click on the following links below:

Click here for my review of Vol. 1

For book availability-----> Click Here

Click here for my review of Vol. 2

For book availability-----> Click Here

One other Capt'n Eli Announcement if you go to The Undersea Adventures of Captain Eli Web Site we have a link to at the left or to The Undersea Adventures of Captain Eli Blog Site at, you can read for absolutely free an online comic staring the extremely cool Commander X!!!!! Give it a look. I promise you will love it!!!!!!!

And now for something completely different; two reviews of things I have recently read:

The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman - Neil Gaiman is one of my favorite authors and this book is a perfect example of why. The book starts out with the murder of a family by a "Jack The Ripper" type murderer. The whole family is murdered except for the baby boy who wanders out of the house and ends up in the local graveyard. There he is protected by the ghost and those who lookout over the grave yard from the murderer. The boy is adopted by two ghost and given the name Nobody Owens. Along with his ghost parents, he is raised in the graveyard by all of its inhabitants as one of its own. The book consists of the many adventures the boy Bod, short for Nobody, has as he grows up in the graveyard. There are ghouls, werewolves (which may surprise you), monsters and just plain evil people Bod meets or comes up against throughout the story and ultimately he must face up to the man who tried to kill him as a baby. This book is wonderfully written and full of thrills, action and poinyant moments that will make you remember it long after you have finished reading it. Gaiman leaves the door open for a sequel and I for one sure hope it happens. Great book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Marvel Adventures The Avengers: Mighty Marvels by Marc Sumerak, Ig Guara and Kevin Sharpe – This GN collects issues 21 – 24 of the comic. It is in my opinion the best volume yet. Lots of action in this GN, but also some stories with great style, depth, and beautiful artwork. The first story introduces Ant Man, Hank Pym, to the Marvel Adventures universe. Hank Pym in his many incarnations as Giant Man, Ant Man, Yellow Jacket, etc since he was first introduced in the 60s has always been one of my favorite superheroes. The second story also has a special guest in the Black Widow, also making her Marvel Adventures debut. In this story she along with the Avengers take on the Crimson Dynamo one of Iron Man's long time nemesis. The third story focuses more on Wolverine, with a special appearance by the Black Panther, taking on his number 1 villain Sabretooth. The last story in the GN features an entirely different Avenger Team consisting of Captain America, Black Widow, Hawkeye, Ant-Man, Quicksilver, Spider-Man and the Black Panther taking on the cosmic villain The Collector!!! Good stuff so make sure you check it out!!!!!

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