Thursday, December 11, 2008

Cyber Kid Talks About One False Note

Always quick with a response, cyber kid 303 has written to us already about One False Note, the latest 39 Clues book:

I am reading One False Note and it is really good. If you are a Janus at you will especially love it. It zooms in on the Janus branch. I've only got 41 more pages to go. I'll write a full report when I'm done.

Thanks, cyber kid! Can't wait to hear your full report. And are you planning to read The Tales of Beedle the Bard soon? It turns out that the library already has copies (I made another mistake yesterday when I thought they didn't have any!) but there are 124 people waiting in line for it! But I'm ninth on the list to get a library copy of One False Note. So you're a Janus, huh? I'm a Tomas and I hear they cause a lot of trouble in this book.

And another cool video for your holidays. It's that king of retro rock, Brian Setzer, tearing it up with the old Chuck Berry song, "Run, Run, Rudolph." Rock out!!!!


Cyber Kid 303 said...

First of all, I am a Tomas, and One False Note was sweet! They talked a lot about Mozart which was cool to me since I play piano. Gordon Korman wrote this instead of Rick Riordon. Dan and Amy break into the Janus base, too! It is better than the first!

Cyber Kid 303 said...

I haven't read The Tales of Beedle the Bard yet, but I want them for Christmas. I heard Hermione Grainger and Albus Dumbledore are part of it. Right now I'm reading The Skull of Truth by Bruce Coville. I met Bruce Coville one year at Novello. He was really nice. After Skull of Truth, I'll read Inkheart by Cornelia Funke, if I can get it away from my mom. Have you seen the movie previews?