Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Grinch, Lions, Tigers and Bears plus a side of Wolverine

Hi everyone and Merry, Merry, Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy Holiday Seasons from the Jolliest Sith ever to slide down as many chimneys as Santa on Christmas Night.....Darth Santa Bill!!!!!!!! Well I don't know if I will get another post out until the holiday season is over or not, so I want to wish everyone a wonderbar holiday time of year thing!!!!!!

Now I have to share a clip from one my favorite Songs and Holiday Specials ever, I bet you have already seen it and can guess the name of it. Check it out:

Now for a couple of reviews of two awesome Graphic Novels I just recently finished!!!!!!!!!

Wolverine: First Class - The Rookie by Fred Van Lente, Andrea DiVito and Salva Espin - Well let me just get this off my chest. This Graphic Novel was awesome and I blew through it so fast I read it a second time. This GN collects Wolverine: First Class issues #1 - 4 and includes Wolverine's first appearance from way back in Hulk #181 when comics cost a whole 25 cents. Wolverine is one of my all time favorite comic book heroes and in this GN teams him up with one of the newest and youngest X-Men Kiity Pryde. The GN begins with their first meeting and adventure and leads onto other stories in which they take on the likes of Sabretooth, The High Evolutionary, the Man-Beast amongst others. This GN is really well written and not just about punching out the bad guys and fighting with your partner. The stories have depth, action and make you think. In short this is how Graphic Novels should be done. Thumbs up!!!!!!!

Lions, Tigers and Bears Volume 2 by Mike Bullock, Jack Lawrence, Paul Gutierrez and Bob Pedroza - This my friends is a Graphic Novel that was alot of fun to read. I reviewed Volume 1 on April 23, 2008, but you don't necessarily have to read Volume 1 to enjoy Volume 2. To see my review of Volume 1 Click Here. This Graphic Novel is about a boy named Joey and his friend Courtney. It is also about the stuffed animals they own that come to life whenever children are in danger from evil beasties. Joey owns some stuffed animals called the Night Pride which consists of Pallo - The Leader of the Pack (an African Lion), Venus – Guardian of the Pride (a Bengal Tiger), Minerva – Huntress of the Shadows (a Black Panther) and Aries – Warrior of the Night (a Siberian Tiger). The Night Pride are the elite protectors of "The Stuffed Animal Kingdom" a land where all stuffed animals are real. In this volume King Bear is betrayed by his brother to the evil beasties and not only is the Stuffed Animal Kingdom at risk, but all children in our world. For you see once the beasties are in control and the stuffed animal protectors conquered, the beasties will be coming for the children in the real world. Check out this really well done GN for a really exciting story that you will devour and be finished reading before you know it. Great stuff!!!!!!!!

Have a good one all and Peace Out,


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