Sunday, December 7, 2008

Of Clones, Bravery and Storytubes

Hello all, Darth Bill coming at you from my fly Tie-Fighter way out here in space!!!!!! Check it out:

Okay I'm going to do something I don't do often. I am going to give a complement to "The Carlman" for throwing caution to the side and doing an excellent job of memorizing and videoing his rendition of "The Gettysburg Address." Yes Carlman, you rocked (man that's so hard for me to say for some reason....maybe cause he called me a chicken, hum.....).

That's right Carlman, meet the doomslayer of all heroes and mythic gods....... The Red Roster of Death!!!!!!!

I have some other things to talk about so lets get it rolling. First I have to tell you about this awesome new Star Wars book that I have just finished reading.

Decide Your Destiny: Star Wars, The Clone Wars: The Way of The Jedi by Jake Forbes - This is a very cool chose your adventure type of book in which you start the book as a young Jedi Knight learner at the Jedi Temple. You and a friend named Jaylen, also a young Jedi Knight learner, are summoned to see Master Yoda and from there your adventure can go in many directions depending on the choices you make. I read this book through twice with each ending being very different. In one I made a very bad decision and was captured by the Separatist and put into an arena to be feed to wild beast. In another I saved a bunch of Wookies from being sold into slavery and made a member of their tribe. This is a very cool book and I highly recommend it to both Star Wars fans and fans of chose your adventure type books. Now they need to make one for us Sith. Yea, that would be way cool!!!!! Anyway, definitely give this one a try.

Lastly I want to talk about this really cool contest that is coming up that will be nationwide (and even in parts of Canada)!!!!! It's called Storytubes and here is a little information about it:

  • Would you like to be the star of your very own movie? Well the nationwide Storytube Contest will let you do this by creating an online video talking about your favorite book. The Storytube Contest is open to students in grades kindergarten through twelfth grade. Video entries consist of either one student promoting one book to group efforts consisting of 2 to 5 students promoting one book submitted to the Storytubes Web Site. To enter, the contestant must upload the video to YouTube or TeacherTube and submit the correct corresponding StoryTubes Contest Entry Form. Partner libraries will work together to select entries to receive Judges’ Choice Awards and pick videos to go to online voting at the Storytubes Web Site for popular voting. For both the Judges’ Choice Awards and Popular Online Voting, at least one award will be reserved for each entry category. These categories are as follows: Grades K - 4, Grades 5 - 8, Grades 9 - 12 and Group Enteries. Judges’ Choice Awards will be announced by March 9, 2009. Online voting for videos chosen to proceed to popular voting will be held on the Storytubes Web Site as follows:

Individual Entries, Grades K-4

March 9-12

Individual Entries, Grades 5-8

March 16-19

Individual Entries, Grades 9 up

March 23-26

Group Entries, All Ages

March 30-April 2

Prizes will be awarded to both winners in the Judges’ Choice Awards and the online popular voting.

Things to know:

· Make your video two minutes long (or shorter);

· Feature only one book in your video;

· Be familiar with the book and have a copy for your video so you can introduce it and tell the name of the book and its author;

· Enter as an individual or as part of a group of two to five people;

· Submit entries between January 8 and February 15, 2009, but you can start working on them earlier;

· Go to the Storytubes Web Site and get more information at:

· Be creative!


The Spangler Library at ImaginOn will be having Information Sessions on the Storytubes Competition on December 20 and December 29 at 12:30 and 1:30 p.m. for anyone wishing to learn more. If you have any questions about these upcoming Information Sessions or the Storytubes Competition in general, please call Darth Bill at 704-973-2720.

Man that was a ton of good information!!!!!!! Well you cats take it easy and I'll talk at you later,



Ms. Yingling said...

Just found your site! Very excited to go through your blog roll, and hope to see a lot of good reviews of books for boys. I try my best, but never having been a boy puts me at a disadvantage sometimes!

Anonymous said...

The Wish Giver was a good book about Thaddeus Blinn and his strange wish cards. Stew Meat, Polly, Rowena, and Adam all by wish cards and all except Stew make wishes they regret.This a great adventure book.