Thursday, December 18, 2008

Anonymous Tells Us About Rune Warriors

Anonymous has told about another book that sounds good:

I have a book review to share.I'm sure the boys in this book could do the same as Bill in their language.
The book is RuneWarriors by James Jennewein and Tom S. Parker. Start with names like Drott the Dim, Fulnir the Stinking, and Orm the Hairy One. Add to that, Jarl the Fair, because he has long flowing blond hair and he thinks he is the handsomest as well as best fighter around. Last, but certainly not least, there is Astrid, the Blade Mistress, even though she is a girl, her skill of throwing axes is the best in the land. Now you have a pretty good idea of the kinds of kids Dane is growing up with.
It's the eve of the Festival of Greatness and Dane has a big problem. He's yet to choose his nickname. Dane the Dangerous? Dane the Despicable? He can't decide.Fate enters and decides for him. The evil overlord, Thidrek the Terrifying, and his berserkers kill Dane's father, kidnap Astrid and burn the village. Dane “the Defiant” as he is now called, and his friends vow to rescue Astrid. Braving dangers natural (the sea) and supernatural (trolls, frost giants), they find themselves having to put aside their differences and work together because Thidrek has gotten wind of a magical weapon that will give him the power of a god. Now only a handful of boys and one axe-wielding girl stand between him and his mad desires.
The book includes stories about Viking Heros and their legendary powers and weapons. The authors are screenwriters, and it certainly shows. Modern references keep the story light, and there are several adventures along the way to the final battle between good and evil. The authors leave the story in a way that later another book can take up where this book ends.

Thanks, anonymous! I'm not sure that even Darth Bill, mighty burper that he is, could burp a whole review!! I enjoy good fantasy, especially if there is lots of adventure. Check this one out, guys! Excuse me, now, while I go and polish my magical OdinSword.

The Great and Powerful CARLMAN
PS--be sure to watch the video from 12-16 in which Darth Bill burps the alphabet!

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