Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Once Again, It's Sammer!!

We haven't heard from our old friend Sammer in quite a while and so I was REALLY excited to get a new message from him. Like our other friend Michael, Sammer always tells us about good reads. Let's hear about what Sammer has liked lately:

This is Sammer. I haven't given a report on anything in a long time, but here all of the great books I have read.
1. The Chronicles of Narnia. A seven-book thrill ride. The series kicks off when Digory and Polly sneak into Digory's Uncle office and he gives them rings that send them to a place full of pools that send them places. The second book is the after-story of what happens after Digory and Polly. It is about 4 kids who are sent to stay at a professor's place; their names are Lucy, Edmond, Susan, and peter. Lucy finds a place called Narnia. And that is where the rest of the Adventures begin. Later in the sixth book Eustance comes along.
2.The Mysterious Benedict Society. A great trilogy just waiting to be read by people all over the world about Constance Contraire, Sticky Washington, Kate Weatheral, And Reynie Muldoon--all Names that fit their personalities.
3.The Beyonders. About-to-be trilogy with only two books out right now. It is about two kids from earth who go to a different world where things go wrong and they have to help.
4.The Westing Game. One day sixteen people gather for the reading of Samuel W. Westing's will. The will turns out to be a contest, challenging the heirs to find out who among them is Westing's murderer.
5.The Secret Zoo is about animals that have a secret zoo where they act like humans except for talking. They have animals from Polar bears to extinct Dodo birds.
6.The Candy Shop War is about four kids who are given magic candy, but they get into a bigger problem then they think.
6.Surviving the Applewhites. About a family of different talents who are joined by a teen juvenile deliquint-- will he survive? Will the applewhites survive?
7.Applewhites at Wit's End. The Applewhites are trying to raise money so they open a camp called Eureka! But things go wrong and they go crazy.

Well, that is all I have.

Thanks, Sammer! Yes, I really enjoyed the Narnia books too. I also listened to most of the Mysterious Benedict Society books on cd and thought they were exciting, but I have not read the other books you mentioned, although I've heard other guys talk about how much they like the Beyonders books. So here you go, all you reader guys--here are a bunch of great reads for the summer that have been endorsed by another reader guy like you and not some boring old grownup. This could be fun reading during these hot summer days. Thanks again, Sammer, and let us hear from you soon!


Domo said...

Iron Guy Carl I loved The Mysterious Benedict society too. Have you tried the Alex Rider series?

Iron Guy Carl said...

No, I haven't and that's a good idea. Lots of guys have told me how much they enjoy it.

Sammer said...

I'm here to tell you about Chasing Vermeer. It is a story about two kids who live in Chicago where a Vermeer painting has been stolen so they try to find it where the Goverment failed. It is a great book and guys out there should read it.