Thursday, October 10, 2013

Barbarians + Swords + Evil Wizards + Hot Wings = FANGBONE!

Graphic novels are great entertainment for guys! Let's establish that fact right away--and you probably know it already. Lots of guys have told about their favorites--Bone, Mad and Chad, Amulet and more. Today I'd like to tell you about a new series that I'm absolutely crazy about--FANGBONE!, THIRD GRADE BARBARIAN by Michael Rex. These graphic novels are hilarious, action-packed, and some of the most entertaining reading you could ever hold in your reader guy hands.

In the land of Skullbania, a group of barbarian warriors hold possession of the big toe of Venemous Drool, the evil wizard. Drool's army is approaching and someone must take the big toe to a magician who will send him to another land. The only one who cannot join in the battle is Fangbone, too young to fight. The magician sends Fangbone to the other land, tells him to protect the big toe at all costs, to blend in and not attract attention to himself so that Drool's minions will not find him. "May the spirit of Bigbelly Blackspit go with you," he says.
Fangbone lands near a school and follows a boy named Bill into Class 3-G, a class where everyone "learns at their own speed." Fangbone tries to blend in but it's hard to blend in when you wear a helmet with horns and a sword to class. Drool's monsters find Fangbone, however, and attack. Can Fangbone survive attacks by Dirt Devils, giant bat monsters and pop quizzes?

In the second book, Fangbone and the Egg of Misery, the warrior clans try to send a feast to Fangbone ("Stewed maggots! Twice-cooked gizzards!Fried Snake Eyes!") but Drool's minions switch the food for a giant egg. Fangbone thinks it will hatch a "Titan Razor Dragon" that could surely defeat the evil monsters of Drool. But something else will hatch instead--something deadly! Can Fangbone, Bill and friends ever hope to survive--and finish their presentation at the science pageant?

In the third book, Fangbone and the Birthday Party of Dread, Drool sends his most powerful monster yet after Fangbone. It's the Crusha and only one warrior, Bigbelly Blackspit, has ever escaped. How can a third-grader, even a barbarian, hope to get away? Even more than that, can they pass the Invention Convention at school?

These books are great!! They have attacks by Turtle-Gators, stories of old barbarian mythology (like why the sun is a flaming eyeball), bullies with fire truck underwear, the Ooky Dooky Dance and an evil bouncy castle. Plus, they're a testament to the power of courage and friendship. Have I got your curiosity up now? Then go and check them out!

These books get the Iron Guy Seal of Approval as Three Terrific Books!

Get to your local library and demand Fangbone, Third-Grade Barbarian--but leave your sword and evil big toe at home.

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