Thursday, June 26, 2014

Lunch Lady Madness!

Hey, guys, its summertime and the living is fun! School is out, the theme parks and swimming pools are open, camps are underway and there are sports to watch and sports to play. (and don't forget the library's Summer Reading Program!) In the spirit of fun, I'm going to tell you about some graphic novels, which, as all  guys know, are fun reading!

I recently had a great time reading four of the Lunch Lady graphic novels by the fabulous Jarrett Krosoczka. These gn's have been around for about five years and have been favorites for me and other reader guys. (if you want to see what we've said about them, check out the reviews here and here and here. I told you guys like them!) For those who don't know, Lunch Lady and her assistant Betty are not only school cafeteria workers but also super crime fighters, taking down bad guys with karate kicks, fish stick nunchuks and ketchup-packet lasers.Take a look, guys:

View full imageLunch Lady and the Author Visit Vendetta

 Mr. Scribson, famous author of the Flippy Bunny books, is coming to the school! but everywhere he goes, gym teachers disappear. Coincidence? Lunch Lady doesn't think so!

View full image Lunch Lady and the Bake Sale Bandit

The school is having a bake sale to raise money for the school trip. But all the treats disappear during a blackout. Lunch Lady must investigate--and serve lunch with soggy taco shells!

View full imageLunch Lady and the Video Game Villain

 All the electronic gadgets are disappearing and the school bully is running for student council president. Lunch Lady must get to the bottom of things--but what she finds will shock her!

View full imageLunch Lady and the Schoolwide Scuffle

The evil school superintendent, Dr. Van Grindheimer, has fired Lunch Lady! Some nefarious plot is underway but Lunch lady just sits at home and eats junk food. Can anyone arouse her to action before it's too late?

These are good, quick and fun reads. There's enough action, mystery and campy humor to satisfy any guy! And these are only four--there are TEN in all. And the Charlotte Mecklenburg library system has them all!  So don't just sit around--get your spork phone, call your friends and check out the Lunch Lady graphic novels. Good gravy, they're a lot of fun!

PS--be sure to check out the Lunch Lady website!

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