Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Alien Dude Author Visit!

We've got a real treat coming up this Saturday at the Myers Park library. An author, who wrote a couple of books for BOYS is coming here at 2:00 pm. Her name is E. K. Smith and she wrote the Alien Dude books. Ever hear of them? Yes? No? If you haven't, here's the story:

E. K. Smith was a teacher who saw that there weren't enough good books for boys just beginning to learn to read. Yeah, there were a lot of cutesy books out there but what self-respecting boy would want one of those? So she took the matter into her own hands and, with illustrator Peter Grosshauser, created her own books, the Alien Dude series!

Alien Dude is awesome. He can fly. He can morph and do many other things. But he still has to attend school. In the first book, Alien Dude and the Attack of Wormzilla, the school is overrun with worms! Who else but the giant Wormzilla could be the cause of all this disgustingness? But what could Alien Dude do against all those worm minions? You'll be surprised and will laugh at what he thinks of!

In the second book, Alien Dude: Mr. Evil Potato Man and the Food Fight, the kids in school start turning into food! Alien Dude must morph into a potato peeler and do many other things to break Mr.Evil Potato Man's spell. This book, like the first one, is action-packed as well as full of the humor that guys will enjoy.

These books are great fun and a terrific way to get guys to start reading. If you're a younger reader guy or the parent of a just-learning-to-read boy, these are the books for you. And, as I said, the author will be here this Saturday, April 18, at 2:00 pm at the Myers Park library. I've met her and she's a delightful person, so  come on over and have a good time, especially if you're a boy between 6--11 years old. (And, yes, girls are welcome too. We boys are just awesome that way)
Call us at 704-416-5800 to register or we'll see you there!
(PS--there will be Alien Dude books for sale!)

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