Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Wade and the Scorpion's Claw by Tony Abbott: A Really Terrific Book!

I ride the bus home from the library every day. So why am I telling you that? To let you know how dangerous it is to read any book in The Copernicus Legacy series while on public transportation. I was reading the latest book and got so into it that I completely missed my stop and didn't notice until a long time afterward! (Fortunately, I was able to ride back around and didn't have to go far) THAT is how thrilling and addictive these books are!!

This newest one, Wade and the Scorpion's Claw, is sort of an in-between book. That means the action takes place between the end of the first book, The Forbidden Stone, and the beginning of the second one, The Serpent's Curse. And what a lot of action there is!

Wait a minute--do you know about these awesome books? No? Then let me give you a little background. Wade Kaplan's father, astronomer Roald Kaplan, gets a mysterious message from Uncle Henry in Germany. When the family goes to investigate, they find Uncle Henry murdered! Then they find out that they are involved in something they couldn't have imagined--a world -wide search for hidden artifacts that could determine the destiny of the world. They learn that famous scientist Nicholas Copernicus invented a time-traveling device 400 years ago but the thoroughly evil Teutonic Order of Knights tried to get hold of it. To stop them, Copernicus dismantled the device and gave the twelve key components to Guardians to hide around the world. Wade and family and friends must travel the world to solve puzzles and clues to find the relics before the Order does.

"Hold on," you may be saying to yourselves, "A hunt for centuries-old relics? Solving puzzles to find them? World-wide adventures? To put together something that could destroy the world if it fell into the wrong hands? Doesn't this sound just like---The 39 Clues??"

Well--yes it does! But is it a rip-off? No! That's because of the truly terrific talents of Mr. Tony Abbott, a fantastic author. He gives us the same thrilling adventure, world travel and wise-cracking kids as The 39 Clues but makes things even more intense. The bad guys are creepier, their organization is more powerful and odds of success seem even longer and more difficult.

Just as in this book. Wade and company found the first relic in The Forbidden Stone but the mom was kidnapped at the end. They were flying back to the US, had an unexpected overnight stopover in San Francisco and learned that the second relic may be there. They have until 10:00 the next morning to find it. Not much time. And one of the Order is already there, a very creepy guy in a leather coat. He always seems to know where Wade and his family will be before they get there. So do a bunch of ninjas with throwing stars. Could the Kaplans possibly get by all this and find the relic? You have to read to find out! If you do, you'll get action, drama and surprises in plenty!

There are some series of books that really, really great and don't get the attention they deserve. This is one of those. I want as many guys as possible to read them. That means YOU! So go out right now and check them out. You'll be in for a really good time!

PS--This book is part of The Copernicus Archives series. There will be 6 of them and will take place between the main books, which are The Copernicus Files. These books will be shorter and each one will be told from the point of view of a different character. Find out more at The Copernicus Legacy website.


Iron Guy Carl said...
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Greg Pattridge said...

Thanks for featuring this series as I have not heard of it. I'm sure I will quickly become a fan.

Iron Guy Carl said...

Yes, you will!

Jenni Enzor said...

This sounds like something my son would love, especially with Scorpion in the title. I like the time travel aspect with Copernicus. Thanks for featuring this!