Monday, April 13, 2015

Our First Two Reviews From Shark and Zark!

HEY, all you totally cool reader guys! We've got good news--our first two book reviews are in from Sharyq and Zarak (aka "Shark and Zark"), those two awesome guys from our Boys Read and Write Club. (Actually, they sent in their reviews last Monday but I was out of town on vacation and just got back--so I'm sorry for the delay, guys!) Let's not waste any time; here's a review from Sharyq:

Hyperspace high crash landing
by Zac harrison

Hey bookworms I got a good book for you! Its about a boy named John Riley who gets on the wrong bus. aparently he gets on a bus to a space bus to a alien school. there he learns that you don't need to be a supreme life form to be a hero!

Thanks, Sharyq!! I've never read any of the Hyperspace High books but it sounds really good. Have any of you other reader guys read one?

And here's the review from Zarak:

how to eat fried worms
by Thomas Rockwell
pictures by Emily McCully

I didn't like this book because it grossed me out because it's about a boy named billy and he got dared a lot and he didn't get dared but he ate worms with yucky stuff on it just to get money.

And thank you too, Zarak!! I'm sorry you didn't like it because I think it's a really funny book and I recommend it all the time but, hey, not everyone likes the same things. And that's good. If everyone liked exactly all the same things all the time, the world would be a dull place. It's the differences that make life interesting. 

OK, we really appreciate your sharing your thoughts with us and look forward to hearing from you again. Don't forget that the first time any guy writes in a review, he gets a free book! So come over and claim them, Shark and Zark!

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