Monday, May 18, 2015

Our First Review From Mighty Micah!

Hey, reader guys everywhere. Have I got something exciting for you--our first review from Micah, the newest member of our very fun Boys Read and Write Club. If you remember, he picked three books to read and write about. And here's his reaction to the first one, The Roar by Emma Clayton. Let's hear what Micah (aka Mighty Micah) has to say:

The Roar is a fictional story placed in future London where the world is divided into two parts, over the wall, where poisonous dust and gas rule the Earth (or so they say), and behind the wall, which is further divided into two subdivisions,  the Shadows, the home of the poor, and the Golden Turrets, the home of the rich.   I liked The Roar because of the excitement throughout the book.  The Roar also contains hope directed toward a better life. 

Mika Smith was born in The Shadows and has lived there his entire life.  Ever since his sister Ellie disappeared one year ago, Mika has been hoping for a chance at a better life and that time is now.

Meanwhile, up in orbit aboard the space Station, The Queen of the North, Mal Gorman, a 108 year old walking zombie has finally struck gold, but what will he do with it. 

Pod Fighter, the tie between Mika and Mal Gorman has come out and now it is time for them to meet.

Thanks, Micah! (Hey--did you notice that the guy in the book is also named Mika?  Of course you did!) I enjoyed this book a whole, whole lot. And I wasn't the only one--that book got more comments than any other ever reviewed on this blog. It has excitement to the max along with thrilling pod fights, a thoroughly despicable villain and a deeply-held secret. Take a look at my original review and all the comments here.

View full imageThe library system has plenty of copies of The Roar. And we also have copies of The Whisper, the sequel, which I haven't read. I haven't heard of Pod Fighter, though, Micah. Is that a new book? I heard Emma Clayton was going to make this a trilogy but I haven't found out anything about a new book. If you know, Micah, or if any of you reader guys know, please tell me in the Comment section below this post. And if you've read The Roar or The Whisper, let me know that too!

BTW, Micah, any time a guy writes in his first review, he gets a free book from our ultra-cool prize box. Come in any time and claim your book!


Anonymous said...

Thanks Mr.Shwanke and I have read the sequel to the roar it was awesome!- micah

Iron Guy Carl said...

You're welcome, Micah. I'd love for you to write a review for us.