Monday, May 11, 2015

What Am I Reading? (Or About to Start Reading)

Hey, guys, it's Monday. "Well, great big duhhh," you might say, "we already knew that!" The reason I'm telling you is because this is It's Monday! What Are You Reading? day. A very nice kidlit blogger named Jen hosts this every Monday so other kidlit bloggers can write about what they are reading. I thought I'd jump on board that train today and tell you about a couple of things I'm about to start reading and am very excited about.

One is the new book from the great and hilarious Dave Barry, who writes some of the funniest stuff you'll ever belly laugh to. He wrote Science Fair, which has always been a guy favorite. This newest book is  The Worst Class Trip Ever and it's about an 8th grade class going on a trip to Washington, DC. Does that sound familiar to anyone? I know a school that sends its eight-graders there every year. Anyway, I've read the first couple of pages and have laughed out loud three times. This ought to be fun! (ps--our good friend Ms. Yingling wrote about how that book was like real life and how also about meeting Dave Barry!)
The other will be fun in a different way. This is The Serpent's Curse, the newest installment of The Copernicus Files by the outstanding Tony Abbott. I've posted recently about another book in this series, so take a look here and see why I'm so happy to get this one.

I'm also going to start on a couple of mythology books by Vicky Shecter, an author who contacted me about her books several months ago. One is called Anubis Speaks! and the other is Hades Speaks!. I've felt bad about never getting around to her books, so, in true MANLY MAN fashion, I'm going to tackle my procrastination and wrestle to the ground! I'm also into a book on my old Nook. Even though I'm reading it on an e-reader, the he library has  copies of the actual book and e-copies as well. This book has been around long enough to be a classic. Now I know a lot of boys groan who they hear that word because they think "classic" means old and boring. And, yeah, sometimes that's the case but often a book is a classic because it's still exciting after all these years. Like this one--King Solomon's Mines by H. Rider Haggard. Boys have been thrilling to this for many years and I'm enjoying it a lot. It hasn't gotten to the really good parts yet but it's coming--and even the build-up has been fun!

So that's what the Iron Guy is reading--what about YOU? Write in and tell us what you're reading these days. Can't wait to hear from you!


Cheriee Weichel said...

I had never even heard of Dave Barry before today, and yours is the third post I've read today about The Worst Class Trip Ever. I think I will have to see if I can find some his work to read. I've been meaning to get to this Tony Abbott series but honestly, there are so many books to read and his work sells itself!

Iron Guy Carl said...

Never heard of Dave Barry? Ah, you're in for a treat! Besides books, he also writs humor columns. Maybe your local paper carries them? If not, there are lots of books composed of his columns. And, yes, there are many books out there ("of making many books there is no end") but I would definitely recommend moving the Tony Abbot books up your TBR list because they're so good.