Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Roar by Emma Clayton

Wow, guys, this book really hit me hard! I finished it on Monday but had to take a couple of days and think about it before writing about it. Not many books will make you do that.

The story takes place in the not-so-distant future. All the animals on earth have been killed off because of the terrible Animal Plague, when all the animals stared attacking and killing all the people. Not only were all the animals killed but all the trees, forests, and habitats destroyed so the animals would have no place to live. All the people on Earth were moved to England and placed behind The Wall to keep them safe from animals. Of course, there's not enough room for everyone, so they have to build cities on top of cities. The poorest live in the Shadows, under the foundations of the new cities, while the richest live in the Golden Turrets on top.

Pretty bleak, huh? Well, into that world are born twins, Ellie and Mika Smith. Mika lives with his parents in the poorer areas above The Shadows. Ellie died a year ago--or so they believe. The truth is that Ellie was captured by the bad guys. The book begins as Ellie escapes in a pod fighter and tries to go back to her family because she's learned The Secret, but then......well, if I told you, you'd know what happens, wouldn't you? You're just going to have to read it yourself to find out! But I guarantee that you'll be in for a wild ride! There is enough action to please the most die-hard fan!! You'll get so pulled into the story that you'll spend every spare minute reading to find out what going to happen to Ellie and Mika. And the author does keep you in a lot of suspense! You've got chases with pod fighters, attacks by killer animal borgs, strange mental powers, and deadly secrets. Emma Clayton has written a book that really gets a hold of you! It really had a hold on me!!!


The end.The end didn't quite satisfy me. The author put a twist at the end and I thought the book would go in a whole different direction. The rest of the story would have been more interesting if she'd stayed with it, but she went back to the original direction of the story and I was disappointed. Does this sond confusing? Well, I can't tell any more without giving away major secrets. (That means you'll have to read it and find out!) Does that mean I didn't like the book? Well, no. I was just disappointed.


I didn't stay disappointed. As I said, this book was so powerful, that I had to sit and think about it for a while. And after that, I realized that the author was trying to make some points with this book. AND, in order to make those points, she HAD to end this book that way. As I see it, Emma Clayton wanted to make a point about the ecology (which I totally agree with) and some about politics and economics (which I totally disagree with). Are you interested NOW?? Go find it and read it!

In fact, I'd love to hear what YOU think about it!! In double fact, I'll give a prize package to any guy who'll write about all this or come to Imaginon and talk wtih me about it. Especially if you let me video the discussion and put it on the blog. OK??? ESPECIALLY if you can tell me how the poem at the end helps the author make her point. And Extra Espescially if you can tell me who the Green Man is and why he's important to the author's point. Got that?

There aren't many books that could create this much talk. And there aren't many books that I'd write this much about. Many books that are full of action don't you think and a lot of those that make you think may not have much action. This is one of the few that does both. And to think that this is Emma Clayton's first book!!!!!!!

PS--The Roar has one of the most spectacularly BAD buys I've ever seen, Mal Gorman. Even his first name means "bad." Literally. Go find a dictionary and see.

The only other action-packed book that made me stop and think was The Black Pearl by Scott O'Dell. Terrific book.


Ms. Yingling said...

I put it on reserve and will read it soon. Books that make us stop and think are always great.

Iron Guy Carl said...

Let us know when you review it!

Danny said...

This book was so unbeliveable and really made all the readers think. I'm glad other people enjoyed it to. Do you think there will be a sequel?

Iron Guy Carl said...

Don't know for sure. I've heard that The Roar was the first book in a trilogy but I hope not. I liked the open ending because it made me think more. But then, the story was so good, even with flaws, that I'd enjoy more!

coolcats137 said...

This book was Amazing. It kept me "on the edge on my seat" When i picked it up i figured it would another story about world domination or something like that so The Roar wasn't the best title if u ask me but still it was amazing if u like reading about action sci fi mystery and politics all in one this book is for you.I read this book in a matter of days. Not saying it was a easy level book ,but it it wasn't a to much of a challenge for a person of a reading level of 8th-9th grade level.

Logan said...

I loved this book and it made me think alot about how the author left open in the end. It made me wonder if there could possibly be a sequel to this book. But the thing about this book is that even if emma clayton doesn't write a sequel to this book she gave us the seeds to comtemplate whether mika and ellie will survive through this new future and actually made this evn more exciting. Do you know if for sure if there is going to be a sequel or be made into a trilogy for sure? Oh and I think I figured out who the Green man was but I'm not sure entirely but the way the author put the quote in at the end fits the book's entire meaning that the author is trying to express throughout the book!

toby said...

this book was wikid
i dont like books that muuch but i couldent put it down i really want there to be another book as it was so good.
and as she left the story at the end sayin how the children rember the dream she has to make another one.

Iron Guy Carl said...

I'm glad you liked it, Toby. We're here to help guys find good books. Check out some of our links on the left-hand side of the blog to find more. There IS supposed to be a second book in this series. Can't wait to see it!

Avery said...

The Roar is a really great book. I finished reading it about two days ago, and it led me to think... What if the world is just two steps away from The Wall and the YTF? I love a book that makes me consider what happens in the real world. This book I would recommend to anyone who wants a book that makes you wonder... Anyway, even without the afterthought, The Roar has a great plot line, lifelike characters, and a realistic point of view. This is a great sci fi book for anyone interested.