Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I'm Back!!!! Jay Piscopo, Neil Gaimen, Sith, Link and Wolverine Oh My!!!,

Hi all,

I know it's been awhile sense I last posted, but I've been reading about 5 books at the same time. It is a little known fact that Sith Lords are ravenous readers!!!!!!

As you can see, we are very competitive!!!!!!

The first thing I need to do is remind everyone that Jay Piscopo of "The Undersea Adventures of Capt'n Eli" will be here visiting the PLCMC System on Monday and Tuesday of next week (April 6 and 7)!!!!!!!!!!!

What: Jay Piscopo , author and illustrator of “The Undersea Adventures of Capt’n Eli,” will be visiting various PLCMC locations in April presenting Drawing Workshops, discussing his Graphic Novel Series and answering any questions you have about Comics and Graphic Novels. If you have any questions about these events please call the participating libraries. Reservations for kids 7 - 12 years old is encouraged.

When & Where:

Monday, April 6:

ImaginOn 11:30 AM

North County 2:30 PM

ImaginOn 6:30 PM

Tuesday, April 7:

Mountain Island 11:30 AM


Morrison 3:00 PM

Matthews 7:00 PM

On another topic which just happens to concern Mr. Piscopo, I have to say I am very excited about the writers (and in one case an illustrator also) in the Final Two of our Boys Rule Boys Read Tournament. Obviously as you can tell I am a big fan of Jay's work, but I am also a big fan of Neil Gaimen (The Graveyard Book, Interworld, Coraline and so much more). However wins I will be very happy for, but it makes voting very hard as they are both awesome!!!!!!!

Well lets talk about some cool Graphic Novels and Manga I have read recently:

The Legend of Zelda (Part 1): Ocarina of Time by Akira Himekawa - I'm sure most of you are more than familiar with Link and The Legend of Zelda Video Games. Well Link has graduated from Video Games to Manga!!!! This manga is a first in a series staring our brave hero Link. The story starts with Link as a young child living in the forest among the Kokiris. The Kokiris and Link are protected by The Great Deku Tree. One day a monster attacks The Great Deku Tree and it passes on. Before dying The Great Deku Tree tells Link of the powerful Triforce and how if it is not in the hands of good, terrible things can come to pass. In order to obtain the Triforce, Link must collect three spiritual stones that will allow him into a temple where it is kept. Along the way to obtaining these stones he meets the evil one he must conquer in Lord Ganondorf among many other creatures both good and evil. This was much to my surprise a very cool read read and I look forward to the rest of the books in this series (which is now up to Volume 3). Check it out!!!!!!!!

Wolverine First Class: To Russia, With Love by Various - This Graphic Novel kicks some serious butt!!!!! This is the second GN in "The Wolverine First Class" books staring Wolverine and Kitty Pride. In two of the stories, one with Kitty Pride and the other with Nightcrawler, they go to Canada to help out its superhero group named Alpha Flight. In the first Wolverine and Kitty assist Alpha Flight members (Snowbird - Shapeshifter, Aurora - Speed and Flight, Shaman - Mystic) against an enemy that may not actually be one. In the second, which is a classic originally published way back when comics were 50 cents a pop, Wolvie and Nightcrawler help out Alpha Flight (Vindicator - has suit that allows him to weild vast sums of energy, Shaman and Snowbird) against the terrifying monster that is called Wendigo. In yet another story in the GN, they travel to Russia to fight/help the Soviet Super-Soldiers (The Crimson Dynamo - kinda like Iron Man, Darkstar - Controls Darkforce Energies, Vanguard - Energy and Super Strength and Ursa Major - has the ability to transform into a Russian Bear). Believe it or not there are even more great stories than these in this GN. I highly recommend it to all!!!!!

Finally speaking of Wolverine, take a gander below at the upcoming Wolverine Origins Movie!!!

Pretty Cool I'd say!!!!!!! Can't Wait!!!!!

Well peace all until next time,

Bill "Lt. Y"

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dragonslayer1191812 said...

Just finished The Underwater Adventures of Capt'n Eli The mystery of me and both parts of The Mystery of the Sargasso Sea.Both books are really great. They are about Eli. For some strange reason he doesn't know where he is from. All he has is a pod.The action in both books is cool. Illustrations are interesting
because the colors make your eyes pop!
Can't wait to meet Jay Piscopo!