Thursday, April 16, 2009

On The Road with Jay Piscopo and The Zen of Finding One's Way

Hi all,

Well Jay Piscopo was here in Charlotte last week, Monday and Tuesday, visiting different branches of the PLCMC Library System. I hope some of you reading this got the chance to see him, the Drawing Workshop he put on was awesome!!!!!!!! If you did miss him, he will be coming back down in June for Heroes Con (for more information on that click HERE). While he was here in addition to the Drawing Workshop he also talked about "The Undersea Adventures of Capt'n Eli"and signed free Capt'n Eli Comics that he was so generous in giving to the guys and girls who attended his visits. I know for a fact that he is hard at work on the third Capt'n Eli GN and I can't wait till it comes out!!!! Here are some photos from his visit:

Jay drawing a character some of you might recognize?????????

Tada......The finished product Capt'n Eli!!!!!

Jay presenting his Drawing Workshop at ImaginOn.

Guys and Girls drawing at Jay's Workshop!!!

Jay signing comics and graphic novels after the Drawing Workshop!!!!!

Jay at the Airport getting ready to go back to Maine (oh that's my wife Val in the picture also)!!

A picture of me with my all time favorite Comic/Graphic Novel Writer/Artist Jay Piscopo!!!

Also as many of you know Jay won The Boys Rule Boys Read March Madness Author Shoot-Out (taking down such noteworthy talents as Neil Gaiman, J.K. Rowling, Rick Riordan and Jeff Smith). Well while he was down here visiting, Jedi Master Zack and myself presented him with a very special plaque (it was made of very, very high quality paper) for this accomplishment. Here is a video of the presentation and Jay's acceptance speech:

The Boys Rule Boys Read March Madness Author Shoot-Out Champion Jay Piscopo!!!!!!!!

And Now For Something Completly Different:

Chasing Lincoln's Killer by James Swanson - This was a really great read (just goes to show as Carl says non-fiction books can be great). On April 14, 1865 while attending a play at Ford's Theater, Abraham Lincoln, the 16th President of The United States of America, was shot and mortally wounded by the actor and confederate sympathizer John Wilkes Booth. Do you know the whole story of how one of America's greatest Presidents was assassinated and his killer hunted down? Did you know that John Wilkes Booth was part of a larger conspiracy to eliminate many important political leaders of The United States of America? Do you know where Booth and his fellow assassins fled and how they where eventually caught? This is a great book that will suck you in and having you turning page after page to see how all this happened and the repercussions of this tragic event. Two Thumbs Up!!!!!!!!

Ed's Terrestrials by Scott Sava and Diego Jourdan - This is a very funny Graphic Novel about a boy named Ed and some aliens he meets named Marcello, Al and Gus who have escaped from the Planet known as The Intergalactic Food Court (a planet that sells nothing but food for Space Travelers) on which they were slaves. He finds these aliens living in his Treehouse, which they have converted so they can help other aliens living on The Intergalactic Food Court escape. What Ed and his new friends don't know is that the most feared and ruthless Mall Cop in the galaxy, Maximus Obliterus, is hot on their trail with some help from Ed's classmate the rich, spoiled rotten Natalie (who has determined she wants to own at least one of Ed's new alien friends). This Graphic Novel was a fun read with excellent illustrations. It has definitely interested me into checking into more of these guys work.

One last thing I would like to mention before I say good day is that if you don't know, well I'm about to let you know. Know what you ask? Well that on Saturday, May 2 Heroes Aren't Hard To Find will be having its Free Comic Book Day!!!!!!! To find out more about this super event just click HERE!!!!!!

Finally if your wondering about the title to this blog, let's just say Darth Bill's sense of direction is not that great and Jay got to see a whole lot of Charlotte because Bill took a wrong turn somewhere along the way to our destinations. But I feel we are all better people for it (really).

Well until next time all,

Bill "Lt. Y"

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