Wednesday, April 29, 2009

More Good Book Recommendations!

Yes, indeed, you all have been telling us about a lot of good books lately! Here's one from anonymous:

Here is my book review of "Silvertongue" the last book in the Stoneheart Trilogy, by Charlie Fletcher.

For those who haven't read any of these three books, the two main characters are George Chapman, a 12 year old boy and Edie, a girl with an unusual talent. She is called a "Glint" because she can touch things and see into the past. The story begins in the first book when George, accidently breaks off the head of a stone dragon. When George does this he starts a chain of events that lead to a war between the "Spits" and the "Taints.

The "Spits" are metal and stone statues, of mostly historical figures who fight for the good of London. The "Taints" are sculptures of non-human creatures, such as gargoyles and dragons, they fight for the Ice Devil, an evil force of darkness. The battle takes place when time freezes in the third book and George and Edie are the only humans who don't dissappear.

Some of the other characters in this book are The Gunner, a statue of a World War I soldier, The Red Queen and her two daughters, who ride around in a chariot, Dictionary, a statue of a man who uses big words when he speaks, Hodge, his very independent cat, a raven who knows all memories and the Temple Bar Dragon who guards the city of London.

Can George and Edie solve the riddles the Sphinxes tell them? What happens to the Queen of Time? Is little Tragedy a good guy or a bad guy? What is it like traveling through mirrors and fighting flying gargoyles in the snow?
If you want to know the answers to these questions you are going to have to read this book. I will say it was a real page turner and I hate that the story is over. I hope Mister Fletcher writes another book with some of these characters or at least about some of other statues that come to life.

Wow, anonymous, I'd hate to find out what it's like fighting a gargoyle in the snow! This one sounds really good. Darth Bill likes this series--have you read this one yet? What'd you think?



Anonymous said...

sounds like steelheart

Iron Guy Carl said...

I'm curious--what is Steelheart?