Sunday, April 26, 2009

Cyber Kid Writes and Collects!

Greetings, reader guys, it's Carl once again. Our faithful friend and reviewer cyber kid 303 has told us about another good read:

I just finished reading Orphan Train Rider by Andrea Warren. It is a biography about a boy named Lee Nailing and his family. It is 1926 and America is in a recession, a lot like today. One family in particular is having a hard time. They are the Nailings and their mom has just died. They had 7 kids and their dad alone could not feed and take care of them all. The three oldest, Fred, Ross, and Evelyn had to live on the streets. The baby went to live with family friends. Their dad kept the toddler. But the two other kids named Lee and Leo went to an orphanage. Since their dad was not dead, he would sometimes come and visit them in the orphanage. Lee had always wanted to be a train engineer. When he was told he would ride a train through the country all the way to Texas, he was excited. When they were boarding the train, he and his brother found out that their little brother, Gerald, going with them because their dad did not have enough money to take care of him after all.

The train was full of orphans traveling from town to town. Whenever they stopped at a town, the orphans would have to line up so people could look at them and decide if they wanted to adopt any of the children. Lee, Leo and Gerald get separated and go to live with different families. Read this amazing true story. Do they ever see each other again? Do they live happily ever after? Read and find out.

Cyber Kid 303 out!!!!!!

Thanks, cyber kid! I'm really glad you told us about a biography because they are some of the best books out there--and the amazing thing is that the stories are true!!

We also have a picture of cyber kid with his prizes from the March Madness Author Shoot-out:

He's wearing his Deadwood Jones T-shirt (generously donated by Helen Hemphill) and holding his bag of Deadwood Jones salt water taffy and the signed copy of Erec Rex:The Dragon's Eye. Well done, cyber kid!

PS--let us know how you like Erec Rex!

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Cyber Kid 303 said...

Thank you so much for all the great prizes! I had never tasted salt water taffy before. It's good! Speaking of good, you should read the book Schooled, by Gordon Korman. It's about thirteen-year-old Capricorn Anderson who lives in a hippie commune. His parents are dead so he lives in the commune with his grandmother, Rain. When Rain falls from a tree and breaks her hip, Cappricorn is sent to live with strangers and has to go to public school (he was homeschooled in the commune). At the public school, the kids pick the biggest nerd and nominate him for school president and watch him make a fool of himself. Cap is picked. At first, Cap is a target for bullies, but things start to change. Find out for yourself how it changes. Other good books I've ready by Gordon Korman are No More Dead Dogs and One False Note from the 39 Clues series.