Friday, May 1, 2009

Cool New Book and Free Comic Book Day

Hello all in the Land of Blog. Tis I again Darth Bill with important news!!!! Tomorrow, Saturday May 2 is Free Comic Book Day!!!!! So if you know where your local comic book store is be sure to go and pick up some really cool free swag. Here in Charlotte the best place to go is Heroes Arnt Hard To Find.

Click Here to go to their Web page for more information on them and Free Comic Book Day!!!!

And Now for Something Completely Different, a Book Review:

Gods of Manhattan by Scott Mebus - Imagine if you will a land and place where "History" is really alive. On the Island of Manhattan, not only are the spirits of people who once inhabited the land still around....some of the more famous have become Gods. Some of these Gods are:

Alexander Hamilton - God of Finance; Mayor of the Gods of Manhattan.
Walt Whitman - God of Optimism.
Babe Ruth - God of Heroes.
Boss Tweed - God of Rabble Politics.
Peter Stuyvesant - God of Things Were Better in the Old Days.
And Many More.....

A God exists as long as he or she is remembered. Once the person is forgotten they in essence die. This is the only way a God can die. That is until Adriaen van der Donck, God of Justice for Those Who Get None, is murdered! This is an event most strange in the hidden world of Manhattan that goes unseen by we mere mortals. That is until 13 year old Rory Hennessy's eyes are opened by a mysterious magician known as Hex at his younger sister Bridget's Birthday. He then begins to see strange sights as cockroaches riding rats, a bow caring Indian in the park, a kung fu fight between a rat and a squirrel and much more. There is something not right going on in Manhattan and the forces of good and evil are facing off with Rory and Bridget stuck right dab in the middle. Why? Read this wonderful and very cool book to find out !!!!!!!

Until next time young Jedi and Sith, To Infinity and Beyond,


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