Thursday, May 14, 2009

You Say You Want a Revolution!!!!

Hello all in the Land of Blog. It is I once again Darth Bill reporting from the far fringes of outer space. Well I have just finished one really cool book that deals with the Revolutionary War. That makes a perfect segway to put up a Beatles song so just lean back and enjoy:

The Beatles performing Revolution Live!!!!!

That was cool but let's talk now about the latest book I finished:

The Real Benedict Arnold by Jim Murphy - Do you know much about the American Revolutionary War? We all have read and heard about its heroes such as: George Washington, John Adams, The Marquis de Lafayette, Paul Revere and many more. One major individual we do not hear much about or if we do it is as a traitorous dog is Benedict Arnold. Well one thing you should know about history is that it is often depicted as the winners and people in power of the time paint it.

While Benedict Arnold, as a General of the Revolutionary War, did betray the Patriot's Cause and switch sides to the British, it may surprise you to know that perhaps he had good reason. People like to paint things in life in Black and White, but the real world is full of shades of Gray.

Did you know that at the beginning of the war, Benedict Arnold was a brilliant General who saved the 13 Colonies many times from English forces gathered in Canada? Most of the people he served with were timid and scared to engage the British, but not Arnold. He led his soldiers, every time putting himself at the very front of his troops, in defeating and frustrating British Armies who wanted to invade the Colonies from the north.

General Arnold Wounded at The

Battle of Saratoga Oct. 17, 1777

Did you know that he was betrayed at almost every corner by other Generals who were jealous of him or did not like him because he did not come from a prestigious family? To make themselves look good and him bad they lied about his achievements and their failures and reported just plain out lies to the Continental Congress about him. Did you know that he spent great sums of money to take care of the soldiers under his command in buying food, clothing, weapons, etc. in which the Continental Congress never reimbursed him leaving him almost broke at times? Did you know when at one point he became so frustrated with the backstabbing and lies that he tried to resign from the Revolutionary Army, he stayed because the soldiers under him and the Generals who really knew him and what he could do wrote him a letter, with all signing, begging him to not do so.

Did you know that George Washington believed Benedict Arnold to be one of the finest Generals in his army? He was one of the few Generals he knew that he could count on in any situation. In fact many other Generals ignored Washington when he was in trouble and needed more soldiers; never Arnold who responded with enthusiasm and fire bringing at a moments notice whatever George Washington requested.

I know this is a long review for me, but this book I think is important to read and is also fascinating. Yes Benedict Arnold betrayed the cause that led to the formation of The United States; but did he have good reason? Could one say that the Revolution would have crumbled without his leadership? Judge for yourself after reading this book if Benedict Arnold was the villain he was painted to be?

Well that's all for now. Until the next finished book, Up, Up and Away!!!!!!!!



Warnell said...

Finished The Last Olympian last night. It was wonderful. A great final book for the series! Well done Mr. Riordan!

Carl said...

I'm on the third chapter now and it is wonderful!

Dan said...

Thanks for the review. I want to look for this one and share it with my kids. Benedict Arnold is a chance to study character in the face of discouragement and frustration and injustice. He could have been a hero. In the end, he failed, not because his courage failed, but because his character failed, and embittered, he tossed is right to be a hero away. In spite of his abilities and amazing courage, he loses the character war. Character does count.

Ms. Yingling said...

Thanks for the Benedict Arnold review. It's very timely, and I added it to my list to purchase! Thanks. I don't know how I miss so many things.