Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Oh, yes, indeed! THE LAST OLYMPIAN comes out today!! I am so pumped!! Of course, we won't get our copies today because of the way the library gets books (we get whole bunches of different titles in one shipment) but I have been assured that we will get them soon. We're all very excited today and some of us our wearing our t-shirts to honor the occasion. Here I am in my Camp Half Blood shirt: And here's Ms. Leah, our Hunter of Artemis:Darth Bill isn't here yet, so I can't get his picture. Are any of you on the waiting list? Are you going to buy a copy? Let us know!


PS--this is such big news that even The Wall Street Journal, that most grownup of grownup newspapers, wrote an article about it. Read it here. And guess what-- it says there will be more Camp Half Blood stories! No more Percy stories, but more CHB! Woo-hoo!


Warnell said...

I am going to the store at lunch to buy a copy for my library week check out only) and myself because it's not fair of me to keep my library copy and I would because I want to read it today!

Carl said...

What a remarkable display of public spirit! Getting TWO copies so your students will have one!! That's so--so--BEAUTRIFUL--I'm going to cry--wait, I'm sounding like Grover!
Please tell us how you like it!! We'd love to have your review AND we'll make you an Honorary Guy! And ask your students to send their reviews.

Ms. Yingling said...

I posted my nonspoiling review. I often tell students that if they really want to read a book, they should ask their parents to buy a copy for the school. The student gets to read it first, and I get a copy for the library. Didn't wear my t shirt because I had to give a presentation about boys and books. I talked you up quite a bit! Thanks for my Honorary Guyhood. I've used it several times!

Carl said...

Thanks for talking us up. If anyone deserves to be an Honorary Guy, it's you!