Wednesday, May 6, 2009

A Planet and Not a Planet

Life can't stop while waiting for our copies of The Last Olympian to arrive. Our fellow guybrarian, blog follower, and sith lord Devin has sent us a really good nonfiction review:

Author’s Name: Neil deGrasse Tyson
Book Title: The Pluto Files : the rise and fall of America's favorite planet

This book was about:
The Pluto Files chronicles Pluto in two ways- first, as a planet and how it is discovered. And then second, in terms of modern science and trying to answer the question of how Pluto fits into our solar system.

The book is very interesting and explains, in a way that is easy for non-rocket scientists to understand, how planets are observed and discovered. The history of Pluto is complete, and the book makes you feel as though you have met all the people involved. The Pluto Files shows you how planets get names, who decides what is a planet and what words like planet and asteroid really mean.

I liked (or didn’t like) this book because:
I enjoy science and this book is full of interesting scientific knowledge in a language that is easy to read. I loved it!

Your name: Devin

Thanks, Devin! The planets are extremely interesting and the more you learn, the more interesting they become. I've always wondered who decides what a planet is and how the names are chosen. I bet you guys have wondered too. Go check this book and find out!


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