Saturday, May 30, 2009

Ms. Yingling's Book Giveaway Contest and The Second City of Ember Book Club Meeting

Hey, guys, our faithful follower, Ms Yingling, has told us about her book giveaway contest:
Hey, I'm giving away three Patrick Carman books over at MsYinglingReads. Encourage your readers to enter!

OK, men, click here to see Ms. Yingling's site and enter that contest. These books sound like they're really good. So go and enter! And thanks for telling us, Ms. Yingling! That's very good of you. No wonder we made you an Honorary Guy.

And here's the other big news--we're going to hold the second meeting of our City of Emeber Boys Book Club on Saturday, June 6 at 2pm here at Imaginon. We going to have some fun activities, some snacks, and some talk about The People of Sparks, the second book in the series. You have to read the book first, of course, and be from 9-12 years old. And you have to register. Call 704-973-2720 to sign up. We had a really good time at the first meeting, so we hope to see you at this one!

Your friendly neighborhood CARLMAN

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