Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Just in Time for the Holidays--Mighty Micah's Present!

Ho ho ho and happy holidays, guys! What a great piece of luck--one of our reader guys got an early present today. His name is Mighty Micah and he came to our Boys Read and Write Club over the summer. He also sent us a review of that terrific sci-fi book, The Roar by Emma Clayton. The Iron Guy, whose generosity is exceeded only by that of Santa Claus, has always said that the first time any boy sends in a book review, that boy gets a free book. So Micah came in today to claim his prize from our ultra-cool prize box. Of course, he went right away for the Calvin and Hobbs book, which he said was a favorite of his grandmother. (of course, a lot whole lot of guys like Calvin and Hobbs) As a holiday bonus, he also got a Capt'n Eli coloring book, which comes from the fabulously-cool Capt'n Eli series of graphic novels.
Mighty Micah and his free books
Congratulations, Micah! I hope you send in some more reviews soon. And, guys, this goes to show that other boys are excited about reading. It's proof positive that--


Reading is an occupation for MANLY MEN!!

All silliness aside, I really hope all of you have a great a great holiday season. And to make your season merry and bright, here's a video I shared a few years ago. Enjoy!

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