Saturday, December 26, 2015

Something Great Right After Christmas--A Review From--Well, It's Pretty Incredible!

Mr. Lee Keesler, CEO of Charlotte Meckelnburg libraries
Happy Day After Christmas, guys! Hope you had a great time. I certainly did. Here's one more present I found under the blogging tree--a review from the CEO of our library system! He's Mr. Lee Keesler and he's the Big Kahuna, The Exalted Emperor, the Great Galactic Overlord of the Charlotte Mecklenburg libraries. Like the Iron Guy, he's a MANLY MAN and lover of books. He's also one of the nicest guys you'll ever be lucky enough to meet. Mr. Keesler been good enough to ask my advice on good reads. I recommended a grownup book to him once and he liked it, so he asked my opinion a second time. Well, that was a great opportunity to tell him about one of my very favorites, Leviathan by the talented Scott Westerfeld. (check out my original review here) I've always thought that it's a book that grownups as well as boys would enjoy, so that was my chance. We found a copy and, not only did he read it, he even sent in a review! Here it is:

Hey guys, Scott Westerfeld’s Leviathan is great reading fun.  Part history, part fantasy, it is 100% adventure from the very first pages.

The story is set in the historical context of the beginnings of World War I.  Aleksandar’s father and mother are assassinated, and that sets off a chain reaction across Europe that turns into “the Great War.” Aleksandar flees to Switzerland where he collides with the separate but equally exciting story of Deryn Sharp, an English commoner who loves to fly.  Both teens distinguish themselves and their young contemporaries by leading and setting examples for their older adult companions.  It is the quintessential story of the triumph of youth.

Leviathan is made more fascinating and adventuresome by Westerfeld’s blending of animals and machines, a nod to Charles Darwin in the person of Darwin’s daughter, Nora Darwin Barlowe. Aleksandar and Deryn learn to bring out the best qualities of animal, machines and their combined forms to serve their interests.

Leviathan is a fast read with rich descriptions of beasts and battles. I recommend it highly.

Thanks, Mr. Keesler! We really appreciate it. And, as I've always said, any guy who sends in a review for the first time gets a free book. And that means any guy! So feel free to pick one out of our ultra-cool prize box sometime.

Well, the holiday season isn't over yet. Kwanzaa begins today and New Year's Day is Friday, so, if I don't post anything before then, Happy Kwanzaa and Happy New Year to everyone!

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