Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Most Memorable Books From the Last 10 Years--Part One

Hey, everybody, I appreciate all the kind comments on the last post. If no one minds, I will take the next two or three posts to talk about some of my favorite reads from the last 10 years. Plus, I'll post lists from a couple of blogging friends. Now the Iron Guy has read a lot of books over that time and could probably pull up a list ten pages long but I will spare you that. Instead, I'm going to tell you about the books that jump immediately to mind. You know how it is--if someone asked you, "What are your favorite movies?" you would come with a bunch without even thinking about it. Same thing here. If you asked me, "What have been your favorite reads over the last ten years?",
this this is what I would say immediately:

(PS--These aren't in any order and the sizes of the pictures don't mean I liked one better than any other)

The first Percy Jackson series (Percy Jackson and the Olympians)

What can I say? Boys everywhere LOVE these books!! Maybe my top favorite of all.

The Barnstormers/Sluggers series

Haven't read them? You should. A really unique blend of baseball, history and fantasy.
(For some reason, they changed the name of the series from "Barnstormers" to "Sluggers" halfway through the series)

The Copernicus Legacy (and The Copernicus Archives)

Man. Oh. Man. Thrills, more thrills, mystery, time travel and one of the most memorable villains ever!

The Yearling

The Yearling

Possibly the best book none of you boys have read. An epic story that grabbed me like few others have. A great story about growing from boyhood to mature manhood.

Treasure Island

The best pirate story ever written! Yeah, it's from a long time ago but the language isn't much different from today's and I bet you wouldn't have much trouble with it.

The Leviathan trilogy

Walking mechanical war machines, genetically-altered animals as war machines, alternate history of WWI--how great is this??

The Brixton Brothers Mysteries

Good mysteries and funny, funny, funny! And the audiobook versions by the great Arte Johnson are terrific.

The Boys vs Girls series

These also are funny, funny, funny but also--well, there are no big dramatics, no space battles, no evil wizards but one of the best stories I've ever read about boys (and girls) living out their everyday lives, going to school, getting into or out of trouble and doing things we all could relate to. I want to live in this town! Plus, the ending gave me the strongest reaction I've had to any of these series.

OK, I'm not saying these are the best of the last 10 years but they are the ones that I've enjoyed the most. Do you agree? Or not? Have I left something out?
(Like Harry Potter? There's a good reason) If you agree with this list or if you don't, write a comment in the Comments section under this post. We love to hear what other people think!


Ms. Yingling said...

I just recommended Treasure Island to one of my runners the other day. It holds up surprisingly well. Hmmm. Do love The Lightning Thief, but my current favorite is Heldring's The Football Girl. How much do I love it? I'm buying THREE copies!

Iron Guy Carl said...

I'd love to know how your runner likes Treasure Island! The other one sounds good too.