Saturday, June 24, 2017

One More List

The great Ms. Yingling
Hey, reader guys all over this land, the Iron Guy is pleased to present to you, in honor of this blog's 10th anniversary, one more list of books that guys would like. This list, however, comes from our good friend Ms. Yingling, a middle school librarian up in Ohio. She has been a good friend to this blog almost from the beginning and has recommended so many good reads that I couldn't begin to remember them all. She also runs a very cool blog that features a Guy Friday. She is so great, in fact, that the Iron Guy gave her the highest award he could possibly give and made her an Honorary Guy. (which gives her the right to make obnoxious noises at sporting events, crack all the dumb jokes she wants and eat insane amounts of food with no nutritional value)
Anyway, I asked if she would send me a list of books boys would like and this is it:

John David Anderson. Keep an eye on this author, who seems to be trying his hand at every genre there is. From the sad but funny Ms. Bixby's Last Day to the video game inspired Insert Coin to Continue, he never disappoints. 

Tom Greenwald. Charlie Joe Jackson's Guide to Not Reading series, plus his other titles. I also really liked his newest book, The Real Us. 

Thatcher Heldring. For sports books, I like all of Thatcher's books, especially the recently released The Football Girl. What would YOU do if your girlfriend was trying out for YOUR football team? 

Anthony Horowitz- Stormbreaker, especially since book 11, Never Say Die, is coming out in October. 

David Lubar. From Lawn Weenies to Sleeping Freshmen Never Lie, Lubar has something for boys of all ages. The added bonus is that adults don't seem to like his stuff, so it must be good!

Chirs Lynch. Chris has been writing for a long time, and his WWII and Vietnam series are filled with riveting details of military combat. 

Dan Poblocki. My new go to for scary ghost stories. The House on Stone Throw's Island even has evil Nazi ghosts!

Darren Shan. Cirque du Freak. While this series has been out for a while, it's still popular because it has great fights between the vampires and the evil vampaneze. Shan also has the great Zom-B series. 

Jordan Sonnenblick. For really fantastic writing style that is also guaranteed to make you snort through your nose with laughter, you don't have to go any further than Zen and the Art of Faking It or Notes from the Midnight Driver. 

All right! Thanks, Ms Yingling! This is a great list and I know boys will like them. (please keep in mind, guys, that Ms. Yingling is a middle school librarian and some of these authors write both kids' and Young Adult fiction) Have any of you boys read any of these? Have you enjoyed them? Then write in and let us know. Both the Iron Guy and the Honorary Guy will thank you!


Greg Pattridge said...

Thanks for pursuing this list from Ms. Yingling. I've read many of them and agree they make great additions to a boy's list.

Rosi said...

Yup. Ms. Yingling knows her stuff. Thanks for sharing this list.

cleemckenzie said...

There are several here that I'd be interested in. I'm first drawn to Dead in the Water. I'm so happy to see a number of books out there for boys.