Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Ten Years and Still Here!!

Yesterday the Iron Guy celebrated a historic event and guess what--today is a historic event as well. Well, maybe it's not as important to world history as yesterday's event, which was D-Day, but hopefully it's been important to some of you reader guys out there. And maybe some of you grownups as well. I'm referring to---

The 10-year anniversary of the


The first book I reviewed on this blog--and it's still terrific!
Yes, it may be hard to believe but the first time the Iron Guy ever posted on this blog was on June 7, 2007. You can read the original post here and guess what--you can still find most of those books in our library system! And they're just as good now as they were back then.

This was when blogging was a relatively new thing in the cyber world. In fact, the whole cyber universe had undergone a big revolution in 2006 with the Web 2.0. Before then, the Internet was slow (do any of you grownups remember using Netscape?) and you couldn't do a lot of things we don't even think about now. So I got excited about blogging, especially about blogging about books that boys would like.  (there was very little of that then)  And, rather than create a static website, I wanted to do a blog in which people could comment and boys could send in reviews of books they liked so that other boys could not only find good stuff to read but also realize that there are other boys out there who also think that reading is very cool. 

Carl, Zach and Bill back in the day
Back then, I worked with my good friend Bill. He was my coblogger. (you'll see his first reviews on the original post) Bill was a lot of fun, wrote good reviews and was also a Sith lord. After a while our good friend Zack, who worked at a different library location, came on board. He also wrote cool reviews, was a lot of fun and was a Jedi master. Once we all read and reviewed the same book together, sometimes did we did programs together and sometimes there was Sith/Jedi taunting. (that meant I had to bring balance to the Force) Zach and Bill have gone on to other things and places but the memories remain. (and I still hear from them from time to time)

Ah, memories!

There's a whole lot more I could say but it would take waaaayyyyy too much time and space, so I'll break it up and post about favorite books, memories and such throughout the month of June. In the meantime, I intend to continue to carry this blog's original mission, which was (and still is) to be "A place for boys to find terrific books and tell other boys about great reading."

Thanks for being there and I hope that you'll continue to come along with me. 


Ms. Yingling said...

Hooray! ***sends balloons and cake!*** what a great resource you are for your patrons, your library and the vastness that the inter webs have become! Still treasure my Honorary Guy certificate!

Charlotte said...

Congratulations! Well done.

libraryguyzack said...

I'm still reading!

Iron Guy Carl said...

I know you are! Good to hear from you.

Katy K. said...

Congratulations!!! Way to go!

Sarah Stevenson said...

Awesome, guys! I think Tanita and I celebrated our 10 years of blogging last year and had some similar realizations. :D Congrats!!

Greg Pattridge said...

Congratulations and may you continue on for more decades to come.

janet smart said...

Congratulaltions, guys! I have three grown boys and they were never that crazy about reading. They loved reading magazines such as Discover, National Geographic, etc., but not that crazy about reading books,just when they had to for the AR program at their schools.

Completely Full Bookshelf said...

Congratulations! Thank you so much for all of your posts!