Thursday, September 27, 2007

Arrrrrrrr, Here there be Pirates!!!!!!

Hi guys,
Today I am not the Great Sith Lord Darth Bill, but the ultra cool mix of James Bond and Captain Jack Sparrow. Let me introduce myself properly. I'm Bond....... Captain Jack Bond. Dun nu da dun da dun naa, du na du dun nuuu, du dun na du da daa!!!!! Also in the picture is my evil nemesis Captain Annie Blood of my newest adventure Pirate Royale (coming out soon in print and later to be made into a major motion picture).

Seriously though, September 19, 2007 was talk like a Pirate Day and some folks here at the library did a very good job dressing the part, but I'll let you be the judge.

Captain Bond and his horrible, nasty, bloodthirsty crew! Arrrrrrr!!!

Arrrrrr indeed, but now let me talk about a cool book that I read not to long ago:

Varjak Paw by S.F. Said, Illustrated by Dave McKean - Varjak Paw is a young Mesopotamian Blue cat. He and his large family live in a mansion where everything is grand and quite predictable until their owner, the Contessa, becomes ill and the evil Gentleman appears along with two vicious black cats in tow. Varjak knows that the Gentleman means them harm and escapes with the help of his grandfather who tells him about the Way, a secret martial art form, performed by his ancestors that the family has long forgotten about. After escaping Varjak must learn to live as a stray on the city streets, a world he knows nothing about. He also learns through new friends that he meets, that street cats are mysteriously going missing. Stranger still he starts to dream of meetings with his great ancestor Jalal, a great master of the Way, who starts teaching the art to Varjak. Does Varjak save his family? What happens in his search for a dog to aid him in his adventure? How do the Gentleman, the Mesopotamian Blues and the missing strays all tie-in together? Read this exciting book and find out.

Until next time cats, thats a joke - man I slay me,

Bill "Master of the Way"

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