Thursday, September 13, 2007

Too Bad!

Too bad--so sad--we didn't get enough Jedi readers to write to us in time. We won't get to see Darth Bill in a dress. And I hate to think of the taunting that he will give the Jedi! That's all right, though. The main thing is that we enjoy reading and telling each other about our favorite books.

Speaking of reading---here are 2 books that are really good. One is The New Kid At School by Kate McMullan, the first in the Dragon Slayers' Academy series. Have you ever read it? It's a lot of fun. Young Wiglaf is the third-eldest son in his family and no good in the cabbage fields. So when the family sees a sign for a Dragon Slayers' Academy that teaches kids to become heroes, slay dragons, and bring home gold, Wiglaf is naturally chosen. Does he go? Does he actually slay a dragon? You bet--but you'll never guess how! I really like this one.

The other is Man From the Sky by Avi. It centers on three people, Jamie, Gillian, and Goddard. 11-year-old Jamie can barely read because of a learning disability, so he spends a lot of time staring at the sky, using his imagination to see pictures in the clouds. Gillian is a neighbor who'd like to be his friend but hears people say he's crazy because he stares at the sky. Goddard is a grownup who has devised a foolproof plan to steal a bag containing a million dollars while on a plane. The plan almost works until Jamie sees Goddard parachuting out of the sky. Goddard is so startled that he drops the bag! Who will find it first--Jamie, Gillian, or Goddard? What will happen if the wrong person finds it? You've got to read this quickly-moving and suspenseful book to find out!

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