Thursday, April 1, 2010

Farewell to the Best

Today is Darth Bill's last day with the library and Master Jedi Zack will depart this sector of the galaxy tomorrow, so let me take this time to say how much I've enjoyed working with you two and how much I'll miss you. It's been a real job, trying to keep the light and dark sides from slicing each other in two--

--but it's been a WHOLE lot of fun. Bill and Zack have been the best that any guy could ask to work with. You don't know it, Zack, but you taught me a lot about blogging. I tend to go on and on and you taught me to be concise. A good skill to have! And, becuase of you, I will always think of myself as a "guybrarian."

And now, since we've worked side by side for so lang, let me give a special shout out to Bill. We've done a lot of great stuff together, like the Hero and Villain festival:

and giving out lots of free books to deserving guys.

Your humor and spirit always made this place a lot of fun--

--and your reviews of graphic novels opened me up to a whole new world. (I would have never heard of Bone or Capt'n Eli if not for you)

As a fitting final tribute, here's a side of him that many people will long remember--Bill, the master storyteller:

So here's to you, Bill. It's been great! Good luck wherever you land. And you too, Zack. PLEASE keep writing in! We will want to hear from you.

My sincere wishes for the best are with both of you and whatever you do--


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Darth Corder said...

I'm so touched. I will miss the Carlman and Jedi Master Zack so much. I love you both and all the kids we have helped over the years.
I am truly blessed to have such friends,