Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Spandex City, Update on the Sluggers Giveaway, and New Rick Riordan Books Coming Soon!

Before Darth Bill left us to tyranize planets in the Outer Rim, he wrote about a new comics store. It's Spandex City and their grand opening is this Saturday, May 1. It looks like a very cool place--check out their website here. They'll give out free comics on Saturday (while they last) AND they'll donate 10% of their opening day sales to Charlotte-Mecklenburg Library. So go see them, pick up some good stuff, and support the library! BTW, Darth Bill got a superhero to endorse the opening. Take a look:

On another subject, I've decided to add a little more incentive to the Sluggers giveaway. (see this post for all the details on the giveaway) Not only will I give a prize package to any guy who reads all 6 books in the Sluggers series, I'll give a mini-prize package after you've read the first two! Here's what you'll get:
A Quizno's bag, a coupon for free Quizno's food (but good only for the new one uptown), a "Catch the Reading Bug" water bottle, and maybe a couple of other goodies.

If you read all six you'll get--

--a "Be a Power User" library bag, a Book Lover's Journal, your choice of one of our t-shirts, and a couple of free books. Of course, you can't just tell me you've read the Sluggers books; you've got to prove it. And the best way is to send me reviews! This offer will be good all summer or until we run out of prizes.

Lastly, being Charlotte's #1 Rick Riordan fan, I'm very excited that The Red Pyramid comes out this Monday! It's the first book in the new Kane Chronicles series that brings ancient Egyptian mythology into the modern world. Of course, the library takes longer than bookstores to get copies on the shelves, but I'm on our waiting list! The newest 39 Clues book, The Emperor's Code, is already here and kids are checking them out. The last two, Storm Warning and Into the Gauntlet, come out this summer. We have endless discussions in our house about who can be trusted and what will happen to Amy and Dan. Plus the new Camp Half-Blood books arrive in October! The new series is called Heroes of Olympus and the first book is The Lost Hero. Read about all this stuff at Rick Riordan's blog or his main website. It's a good time to be a Rick Riordan fan!


D.A. Tyo said...

And don't forget The Lightning Thief GRAPHIC NOVEL coming out October 19. The following website has more information.

Ms. Yingling said...

My Follett rep promised that I will have The Red Pyramid on May 6. We are going to have arm wrestling contests (I mean, a drawing) for which people get the five copies FIRST. Very exciting indeed!

Susan Kaye Quinn said...

Can't wait for The Red Pyramid! I love that you guys are doing giveaways, too! Also: I have about a gazillion of those subway bags, which are so cute you hate to throw them away, but what in the world can I use them for? Let me know if you want them for future giveaways! :)

Darth Bill said...

I have only read the first Redwall book, but I really enjoyed it. Also just to let you know, the first book has also been adapted into a graphic novel that is available at the library. Ops, sorry gotta go. Have some darn Jedi to deal with!!!!
Darth Bill!!!!!!