Friday, April 2, 2010

Spring Break Timeout

Yes, the CARLMAN is caling a timeout for the next week. Spring break is here and I've had plans for this week long before all these changes took place. I hope to read Blastin' the Blues during that time and maybe a few other cool things. How about you all? Let me know what you're reading over spring break!

Well, I've got to clean out the Blogger files, so that means I've got to clear out the files with the reviews you sent during the March Madness contest. Blogger allows only "Publish" or "Reject," so if you get a note that your review got "Rejected," don't be upset. It means only that I cleaned out of the files. Your reviews were all published during the contest and you can go back and see them anytime.

Library Planet is going to be a lonely place without Darth Bill and Master Jedi Zack. But I don't think we've heard the last of them yet!

If you're on spring break this week, ENJOY it and keep reading!

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Susan Quinn said...

Happy Spring Break!