Monday, April 26, 2010

Review of the Latest Redwall Book

Hey, all reader guys everywhere, the CARLMAN is back from a great 3-day weekend. We planted tomatoes in the back yard and, I tell you, there's nothing better for a GUY than digging in the dirt and planting the stuff you'll eat in a few months! Puts you in touch with all the MANLY MEN who've gone before us. (Makes you SMELL like them too! P-U!)

Anyway, we have a review by Val. She's Darth Bill's wife and loves guy books. Of course, Bill would marry only a superwoman, so the Val stands for Valkyrie. Here's her review of the latest Redwall book:

I finished the latest Redwall book "The Sable Quean". by Brian Jacques. In the beginning of the story the Abbey-goers are having a singing/speaking contest to see who will become the offical Redwall Bard. A Bard is a poet-singer who writes verses about heros and their deeds. Outside in the Mossflower Woods something evil is happening. Zwilt the Shade and his troops, known as Ravagers, are kidnapping youngsters and babes by order of their leader, Vilava, the Sable Quean. (British spelling) A Sable is related to weasel only slightly larger with thick, black fur and undertones of rich dark brown. Her plan is to force the Redwallers to exchange living in the abbey for the lives of their little ones.

Of course with any Redwall story there are subplots going on that interweave with the main story. In this book, the blademaster (instructor of sword fighting) at Salamandastron has been sent on an adventure with his sidekick to deliver a gift to Redwall. Buckler Kordyne and Diggs are hares from the famous Long Patrol and are use to hearing stories, but have never taken part in any of the battles the Long Patrol is famous for being a part of. This is soon to change. The book also has Guosim shews, anyone who has read a Redwall story have come to look forward to hearing about them. This time along with the usual Redwall creatures, mice, squirrels, and moles, Brian Jacques introduces a Warrior Mole, Axtel Sturnclaw, who carries a war hammer as his weapon of choice. There is also a Badgermaid, Ambrevina Rockflash of the Eastern Shores, Ambry for short. There are battles, comedy and songs to move the story along. The book is aimed at ages 9 and up.

Thanks, Val ! I'm embarassed to say that I've never read a Redwall book. I know a lot of you reader guys have written and told us how much you like them. Maybe it's time for me to check one out. I'd like to start with the first one, although this one sounds really good. How about all of you out there? What's your favorite Redwall book?


Ms. Yingling said...

The first three aren't bad-- my favorite is probably Mariel of Redwall, and that's saying a lot, because I really didn't like them. It seems wise to me to read them in the order published rather than the chronological order. Start with Redwall just to get a feel for them. (Hedgehog wenches! Animals with British accents!)

Carl said...

Well, after all the comments, I checked out the first one yesterday. Let you know what I think.