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The Girls From MRSA Write In!

Yesterday we had a bunch of reviews for our Books Guys LOVE Contest from the boys of Ms.Metcalf's third-grade at Metrolina Regional Scholar's Academy. We also had a bunch of reviews from the girls, but I didn't include yesterday them or the post would have been waaaayyyyy too long. Well, I told you I'd put them up as soon as possible and here they are!

Now, just to be clear--even though this blog is primarily for boys, we don't mind if girls write in. We want to know about good books and, if girls can tell us about some, we don't mind. In fact, we welcome them! In fact, we're so glad to hear from them that we give them the greatest honor we could possibly bestow--we make them HONORARY GUYS!! (all this generosity is further proof--as if any more is needed-- of the awesome greatness of boys!) You'll see this award at the end of this post, but, first, let's see those reviews!

First up is awesome Aliyah:

Title of Book = YoutSuba 1

Summary= This graphic novel is about a five year old Moving into town.Her name is Youtsuba. Now She’s five but she can make an adventure.Ther’s Meeting and chasing through the whole book. If you like funny books this is the book for you.

Why I like the book=There are so many reasons that I love the book but I’ll name a few. One reason I like it is because you cant stop laughing. Theres always a place in the book that you will laugh to. Another reason that theres a big adventure in it. And the last reason Oh the last reason is that since it was made in Japan so instead so instead of reading left to right you read it right to left. Cool huh? That is the reason I like the book Youtsuba.

Next we have two from exceptional Emma:

Author: 1st- Rick Riordan

2nd-Peter Lerangis etc.

39 Clues

39 Clues series is about two kids named Dan and Amy.Dan is 11 and Amy is 14. They go on a quest to find 39 Clues; which will reveal the Secret to the Cahill family-but a dangerous mission. Follow them around the world to hunt for the Clues. I LOVE this book because it is an adventure book and I love Adventure.

This is why you should get 39 clues books and why I like them.

Dork Diaries by Rachel Renee Russell

Dork Diaries is a book that you can’t stop reading until you’re done. It’s about a girl named Nikki who goes to a new school. She gets teased by Makenzie, the most popular girl in the school. She meets two other girls.I LOVE this book because you can’t stop reading it.

That’s why I like the book and why you should get it.

Another 39 Clues fan is super Sarah:

Into the Gauntlet

The 39 Clues: book 10

Do you or your family like the 39 Clues? If you do or if you don’t, this is a great book for all readers. Amy and Dan are led to England, the home of Shakespeare, where they find the final clue. But, once again, Isabel Kabra, all the clues in her hands. She tries to kill them but they escape,and , oh, read the book to find out. What I love about this book is that it craves adventure. The Author is Margaret Peterson.

Following Sarah is sensational Celeste:

Unicorn School

Author = Linda Chapman

Willow can’t wait to start unicorn school and learn how to fly and cast charms. With her new friends, Sapphire, Troy and Storm, life at school turns out to be full of fun. But when older unicorn plays a mean trick, storm finds himself in trouble. Willow will do anything to help him. Isn’t that what friends are for?


Then we have superb Charlotte:

Harry Potter

This grate book by J. K. ROWLING

Harry’s parents are killed by lord Valdormrt but Harry was left with only a scar! In this book Quidditch stops and what starts you find out. I just love the sereys I love all the characters (except Genny) and all about the book (except Genny).

Here are two reviews from stupendous Sathya:

Book is by:Dav Pilkey

“The Adventures of Ook and Gluk” is a great book to read. Ook and Gluk are in a happy land in Cavelan, Ohio but there is danger coming up. An evil Incorperation is come from the future to steal there properties. Ook and Gluk travel through the adventure.There are some people good sometimes. A Kung-Fu master saves them. See what will happen to Ook and Gluk. Read this book to find out.

Book is by: Mary Pope Osborne and Natalie Pope Boyce

Do you know about the Pilgrims and what they haved faced? Well now you do with “Pilgrims from the Magic Tree House Research guide.” This book tells about the Native Americans too. Do you know about John Alden? Know you can. Readthis book to find out about the Pilgrims and the Wampanoag Indians.

Marvelous Malika also likes Harry Potter:

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone by J. K. Rowling

My favorite book is Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. It is about a boy whose parents get killed So he had to move with his aunt and uncle. His Aunt and Uncle were really mean but one night a guy named Hagrid told Harry that he was a wizard So Harry had to go to a wizard school. This was my favorite book because this book is very interesting.

Here's a review from amazing Arushi of an Enid Blyton book:

St Clares by Enid Blyton

Pat and Isabel are going to St Clars. They are of as “The Stuck up twins but slowly climbing up the school to the last term. Janet and Bobby produce tricks on the French teacher, Mamzelle while cupboards are filling up with treats for a midnight feast. Friends come and leave but St Clares is full of fun. I like St Clares because its full of mysteries like robberies and meaness. My mom read St Clares when she was little, so I read it too. Life at St Clares is fun, but something is always in the air! There’s more trouble at St.Clare’s.

And the final reviews come from lucky Leslie:

Dork Diaries

I realy like the book Dork Diaries. It is a lot like Diary of a Wimpy Kid. It is about a girl that goes to a new school, a new bully and a new crush. She only has two friends. It is very funny. She is a very good artist. She is not at all popular I think a lot of people will like it. I liked it because it was very funny. Read it to find out what happens at the end.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid Movie Diary

The wimpy kid movie diary shows you how the movie diary of wimpy kid was made. It shows who the charactors are. It shows printed note that the actors wrote. Read the Book to find out how the movie is made.

Thanks, girls!! We really appreciate all those first-rate write-ups. Several of these books sound good. I'm really glad you read an Enid Blyton book, Arushi. She's popular in the U. K. and not so much in the U. S. and some grownup bloggers wonder if people read those books here.

As I said, we're so happy to get your reviews that we'll bestow upon you the greatest honor we have and make you HONORARY GUYS!!

Yes, we know you're stunned into silence by the greatness of this award but don't be shy--you've earned it! All silliness aside, we're really glad you sent us those reviews and hope to hear from you again.

Wait a minute--that may be sooner than you think! There's now a tie for second place. Michael and Ethan are tied for first place with 4 reviews each; Emma, Sathya, and Leslie are tied in second with two reviews each. Send us more reviews by the end of Monday, February 14 to break the tie. There are prizes involved!! (See the post from February 1 to see what they are)

BTW, did I say that those of you who have written to us for the first time will get a free book? Well, you will! I'll make sure you get them. Congratulations!

And if anyone else out there in blogland wants to enter this contest, there's still time! Let us hear from you!


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