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...and So Do the Boys from MRSA!!

The kids from Ms. Metcalf's third-grade class at Metrolina Regional Scholar's Academy have sent in a boatload of reviews! I'm going to post the boys' reviews first and then publish the girls' reviews soon so this post doesn't get too long. No disrespect to all you girls; you'll get your turn soon. (BTW, this blog has heard from MRSA before. A couple of years ago, some girls from the fifth grade-class wanted to do a hostile takeover. We fought back valiantly until they told us they didn't really want to do a hostile takeover. We, of course, gave them some gifts for writing so many good reviews, thereby proving, through our generosity, the awesome greatness of boys)

One more thing--several of the boys drew pictures on their reviews and, unfortunately, I don't have a way to scan and post them. Sorry, guys, because I really enjoyed them! But if I can find a way, you'll be sure to see them.

Our first review comes from rockin' Rohan. It's about The Aviation Book.
In this book you can learn about every type of plane in history. There is the concorde and even the Wright flyer! You can even learn when aviation started. You can even know how long the planes are.

I had this book when I was a little kid. I like this book because I never heard some these planes because some are broken and old fashion and those planes really interest me. I learned new things about planes I even know and that’s very interesting to me.

Next we have some reviews from excellent Ethan:

Captain Underpants

Captain underpants is a hypnotized super hero! He saves the world from evil bad guys. When you snap he turns into the captain. When you put water on his head, he turns into a mean principal.

Author: Mary Pope Osborne

Good morning gorillas #26 Magic Tree House series

Morgan lafe is trusting Jack and annie to find the special magic of the gorillas.They travel to the forest. Will they be safe. Are the gorillas nice. What other animals cometheir way?

They started moving in to Frog creek woods Pennsylvania. They found a tree house when they moved in. The tree house was full of books. It was owned by Morgan lafe. All they have to do is point to a picture and say ”I wsih we could go there.” And they would go there!

Author: Adain Blade

Sepron the Sea Serpent is a beast quest book with a boy named tom. Followed by his guide wizard advro he is destined to free the legendary beasts. After he freed the 6 beasts, the evil wizard mavel created his own monsters. Sepron is a cursed beast.tom has to free him to unlock the chain on his neck.


Author: Creator of Captain Underpants

There is a great book called “The Advemntures of ook and Glug.”I really enjoyed it because they do really weird but cool karate moves.


The main bad guy is Mr.Guppernopper.It can karate nothing because he didn’t learn about KUNG FUuuuu!

Kungfu is learned in the middle of the book. They used the kungfu to defeat him.(well he didn’t use kung fu.) Chief Guppernopper is trying to take over the world. And this is what OOK DID. (there are lots of drawings here drawing here and so, since I can’t reproduce them right now, I’ll end Ethan’s review here)

Now here's one from rockin' Ryan (we have several rockin' guys in this group):

The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan

Percy Jackson, 12, goes to Camp Half-Blood and meets a ton of half-bloods and meets his unknown father.But when Zeus discovers that his lightning bolt is gone, he accuses Percy as the thief. Percy also adventures with his friends, Annabeth and Grover.But when Ares gives Percy a bookbag to help him, Percy is on a run.But then, Percy discovers the lightning bolt is in the bookbag, so Percy ends up with the bolt.

Then there's this one from rockin' Rayyan:

Book title: Diary of a Wimpy Kid (the last straw) by Jeff Kinney

Summary: Gregs trying to get his family to have New years resolutions but it doesnt go well. Rowley is his best friend and middle school isnt the best the best thing for the two of them. There teacher lost the dictionary and they cant do anything until the teacher finds it. Greg and Rowley go to cub scouts and they make soap molds. Greg and rowley got to go to the troup they liiked (because they get lucky.) They have to go to this man and son thing and boy greg does not enjoy it.

I love this book because its funny and interesting.

Next up is dashing Davidson:


Frindle is a great book that you can’t put down. I love it because the main charater is a boy amd Im a boy. So what happens is nick, the boy gose to lincon elemnetry school and their is a really mean teacher ther and she is really good with words and dicinary’s too. But nick was a tricster in therd grade it was the middle of class and he made a high picted voice “tweet”, oh ya in forth grade he turned his class into a beach and the girls weared sun glasses and the boys wore white t-shirts with short sleevs. Ms. Granger soesn’t want to put upo with it and loves words to and evry single one of themhas ameaning to her and none of these should ever be changed but trouble maker nick said thing don’t always have meaning and should change the word from pen to frindle. Nick and Ms. Granger get into a big fight and nick has to stay after school for weeks and make him write “I am writing this with a pen” and he wrote “I am writing this with a frindle”

And last, but certainly not least, is jumpin' Joseph:

Falcon Quinn

Falcon Quinn and the black mirror is a very great book! Are you interested in werewolves vampires and imagures? Well falcon quinn is just for you so u can read about monster killers and Falcon has two hearts! They go out on a ship were and were monster killers so they get off the ship and find the monster killers secret weapon the “starer” it makes the monster stare Falcons dangle Megens a Wind Elemental and Max is a Bigfoot and so are Will and peeler. Will they survive? Will they get killed? Read Falcon Quinn and the black mirror to find out!

Thanks, men, and well done!! All these books sound interesting and some I haven't read, like Sepron the Sea Serpent and Falcon Quinn. You've made me want to find them!

Hey,wait a minute--Michael had the lead with four reviews but now Ethan has tied him!! Uh oh, we have a real contest on our hands!!! That means you have to send in more reviews by February 14 to determine the winner! You have until the end of Monday, so let's get those keyboards or pencils working, guys! (And if anyone else wants to enter, there's till lots of time)

PS--there may be a couple of reviews that got left out; if so, I'll correct that and get them up soon. (I got a couple with no names) And, girls, I'll do my best to post your reviews by tomorrow or Saturday.

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